Lead generation differences in profit and nonprofit schools tend to differ on a few levels. Because a for-profit school is, just that, for-profit, the admissions numbers should be the top priority. In a non-for profit school, a lead generation service may want to focus more on other aspects instead of just the bottom line admissions. If you are considering hiring a lead generation service for your for-profit school, there are a few considerations that you need to keep in mind. This is primarily geared for those colleges and universities that are for-profit and will be outsourcing the lead generation to a lead generation staff.

Be Clear about Goals

The first step to lead generation services when dealing with a for-profit school and purchasing leads, is to focus on the goals of the for-profit school. Each school that is for-profit has different goals in mind for the leads are brought into the University. In order to have lead generators produce lead packets, lists, and collaborations the lead generators will need to know what the goals are clearly so that prequalifying leads can be set toward those particular goals. Without being clear about the goals for the lead order, the school may end up with prequalified leads a non-for profit school, private school, or educational endeavors in general.

Order Only Prequalified Leads

One of the biggest differences in profit and nonprofit schools is the profit itself. This means that you want to grasp onto those leads that are already prequalified and ready to go rather than waste time with leads that may not be interested in your University, may not be as sure of the goals of the university, or may not be extended educational endeavors at all. For this reason, ordering only prequalified leads is the best way for a for-profit school to go. Prequalified leads may cost more, however they will bring in more admissions and for that matter more profit.

Philanthropy Donation Leads

Another lead generation technique that is used as the difference between profit and nonprofit schools, is to look towards philanthropy donation leads. These philanthropy donation leads and donation leads in general, are prequalified leads that can lead to a higher income are higher donation amount for the school or university. These leads are generally a bit harder to follow, harder to maintain, and a bit more difficult to manage. However the overall benefits and results for a profit University far outweigh the time that is put into these leads. You can hire a lead generation company, such as FII, to help locate philanthropy donation leads and to work those leads for you.

Remember that if you are a for-profit university and you are looking at hiring lead generation services, you want to make sure that you are hiring for everything you need. Not only would you be ordering prequalified leads, but you can also order packages that will help lower your overall expense and produce the highest amount of admissions and profit for the University. By being clear with the goals of the university the goals of the lead purchasing, a university can save time, money and increase their overall revenue.


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