A false positive education lead is a lead that was obtained from a third party resource that may not be connected to educational programs. This false positive education lead could initially look valid, may be obtained from prequalifying, or maybe from a potential student who is looking for a new educational experience but is unsure when they want to start. There are several leads that fall under this false positive education lead category. However, these false positive leads can be turned into qualifying leads with a few simple techniques.

Discuss Educational Goals

The first step in turning a false positive education lead into qualified lead is to discuss the educational goals of the lead. You'll need to contact the lead by phone or e-mail and try to find out why they signed up for the newsletter or information packet. You will then need to discuss what their goals are, if they want to obtain a certification or a higher-level degree, and what their goals are following graduation. You may also find out during this discussion what their financial aid options are and offer them financial aid options depending on their response.

Offering Potential Options

After you set the educational goals and financial responsibilities as they relate to the lead, you'll then want to move on to offering potential options. The lead may have signed up for a newsletter or for educational information packet. If this is the case then you may want to offer all the potential options that may or may not be listed with in that newsletter or that education packet. For example, if an individual is signing up for an educational information packet from a certification course online, they may feel that the certification course they have chosen is the perfect option for their educational goals. However, there may be other educational program options in the same Institute that will fit their educational goals in a better way. These need to be offered as potential options.

Combination Options and Goal Enrichment

Another step turning a false positive education lead into a qualified lead is to offer combination options that enrich the goals of the lead. Combination options are options that include what the Institute can do for financial aid, payment plans, certificates, multiple certificate enrollment, degree programs, and customized programs designed for the particulars students interested needs. The combination options and goal enrichment options are available through most education programs, and will lead the qualified individual through the right program and close the sale.

Remember, that your overall goal is to ensure that the education lead will turn from a false positive to a qualified lead and that qualified lead is passed on to somebody who can close the sale and enroll the student. Your goal is not simply to close the sale and walk away. Your goal is to not only close a sale but offer the student the best possible path to their goals and the best financial path available. Remember, that word-of-mouth is a free marketing tool that can come from something like turning a false positive education lead into a qualified lead.


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