Using blogs to attract business leads is nothing new. In fact, in 2013 it is considered old hat. However, there are still techniques that can be used with blogging to build business leads effectively. Some are old hat methods, but with new twists to reach larger audiences. If you are trying to revive your blog, bring in more leads with the blog, or reach new business contacts then consider the following blogging techniques that are updated for 2013. These techniques are based on three main questions and methods to combine with those questions to give you the overall business leads from blogging package.

Is the Product or Service Valuable?

You may believe that everyone and every business needs your product or service. The truth is it may be a valuable service or product that businesses really do need. The downfall is that you may be marketing it through the blog in such a narrow way no business is interested or sees the potential. Instead of just speaking about the product or service and giving the basic “benefits of” rundown, consider taking it out another door. Make the blog personal and refer to the product or service on that level. How would it or did it help your business? Give examples of how it helped and what it can do. Bring the solution your product or service offers to the table and shine a light directly on value to build the interest.

Are you Offering the Right Value?

Offering the right value refers less to the product value and more to the monetary value. Businesses and business to business leads are being built on not only value of a service, but also the affordability of implementing that service. If your service or product will connect a business with a solution that gets them through the day faster with less man hours and out of pocket costs over time, that’s great. If that product or service ends up costing more that it will save to implement, then that’s not a good value. You want to offer the product or service in a valuable package to generate the interest in the service and the interest that leads to a qualified lead.

Are you Updating the Information Uniquely and Regularly?

Updating a blog on a regular basis is a no brainer step in the blogging world. You have to maintain a fresh presence and appearance. If you walk into the office everyday in the same clothes with nothing new, people will begin to avoid you due to the sloppy appearance. If you walk in ready to go with a unique outlook on the tasks at hand, you will generate interest. The same goes for a regularly updated and maintained blog. Avoid giving out the same information. Avoid rewording the same concepts. Give a unique tidbit in the blog that you never gave before. It does not matter if you really are saying the same thing with different words. The point is to make it appear fresh, unique, inspired, and inviting on every blog entry.

Using these techniques and following the basic questions will give you an advantage for building leads with other businesses. Be fresh, inviting, unique, interesting, and engaging. You will see a definite increase in business.


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