If you own a travel business, then you are aware of the benefits to bundling travel services. Travel packages that think of everything are a huge benefit to travelers, especially those with larger families or those traveling alone to niche specific destinations. The trick to bundled travel packages is marketing the package properly. You can have the best idea, destination, or concept but if the package is not appealing then closing the sale just will not happen. If you are trying to develop ways to market bundled travel packages and think outside of the standard box, here are a few techniques to get you started.

Options are Key

When you are marketing bundled travel packages, the options available to travelers are key. Take for example a trip to Alaska. Some travelers may be keen on the idea of a cruise to Alaska while other travelers may want to fly, but visit the same destination points. Offering both bundled options would reach both sets of travelers. There may also be travelers who want the cruise, the flight, the same destinations, and additional destination options. These types of travelers tend to gravitate toward bundled packages that can be customized with add on features. In other words, for every bundled travel package, make sure you have at least three options. The first option is for a cruise, second is for a flight, and the third is a combination of bundled options to create a customized destination.

Discount Marketing

Any bundled travel package can be slightly changed to market in various groups through discount plans. For example, if you know that seniors may enjoy the travel package then you can alter it slightly to be more inclusive for a lower price. You can make sure that everything a senior would need or think of would be included in the package and that a travel option is used that offers discounts built in. Travel options such as special flight prices can be marketed as special senior discount bundles. This may be a standard offer from a particular airline for certain age groups, but it can still work to the travel agencies advantage. This can also work in cases of student and family discounts.

Promote Outside the Box

Most travel agencies and business will market the same way. They will stick with what worked last season or for the last several seasons. They will tend to go with what works and stay away from any new concepts for fear of having sales drop. The problem with that thought process is that outside the box thinking is exactly what you need for bundled package marketing. Think of ways that you can promote in non-traditional formats. Youtube videos, vlogs, and blogs are all methods that at one time were considered out of the box. Now, you just have to find the out of the box method that works for you. Check into untapped markets, untapped advertising, and link building. Remember, to work with the times as well. Ten years ago, the price of a vacation or travel package was only slightly important. Now, the better the discount and bundled package balance, the more likely you are to close the sale.


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