College students tend to take as many travel options as they can throughout their undergraduate and graduate studies. Students tend to use money left over from financial aid and grants for travel throughout the sanctioned school holidays. This makes marketing travel packages to students a bit easier. There are several tricks for how to market student travel packages, connect with students seeking these packages, and close the sale or book the travel packages.

Focus on Timing

When you are marketing student travel packages, the focus should be on timing. You want to make sure that you catch the student before they have spent any money leftover from financial aid, but not so early they cannot properly plan for an upcoming trip. The best time to reach most students regarding travel packages is around the second to third week of the semester. This is the time when most students have received their refund money, paid for their classes, paid for books, and may be looking at ways to use their refunds.

Market in Three Steps

A technique used by many student travel agencies is to market in three steps. Right before classes start, or during the first few days of classes, make sure you that you focus on flyers. Put out flyers all over campus, student centers, coffee shops off campus, and anywhere students gather. Make sure you also focus on student clubs and student organizational areas. This will let the students know the travel packages are available and can be scheduled during holiday breaks. It plants the idea in their heads of traveling with friends.

The second step is to market during rush week. This works amazingly well on larger college campuses. Make sure you speak with the rush director and offer it as a sort of incenctive for those who are accepted to the organization. This is a travel package they can look forward to with their new brothers and sisters in the organization. The trip can be marketed as a celebration of sorts. Also offers various payment plans, payment methods, and ways they can build funds to attend the student travel packages in order to reach a larger audience.

The third step would be to hold follow up marketing endeavors. Call back to the organizations, revisit the campus, promote and market the student packages through the faculty. This works especially well if the travel package is to an area of interest for particular academic departments.

Final Marketing

Make sure your final marketing of student travel packages consists of booking the travel destination and closing the sale. If you focus on the timing of the initial connection, early promotion, and follow up promotion then you will see a higher level of sales closing and a higher level of booking. Remember, marketing does not stop with this season. Have satisfied students help you promote the student travel packages for upcoming semesters. It is one thing to read about a travel option and to see the pricing. It is something all together different to see a fellow student rave about how great the trip was and how it is a chance of a lifetime. Live testimonials, video testimonials, and on campus testimonials will take your marketing to the next level.


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