As financial and economic issues rise throughout the world, the need for hunting and fishing becomes a necessity for some families. This necessity leads many hunters to the idea of expedition hunting. This is especially true when the meat from the hunt can be taken with the hunter as part of the travel option. There is a common misconception that travel hunting or hunting expeditions must be handled outside the country. The truth is, a travel company can market amazing hunting expeditions that remain in country and offer all the benefits an expedition should. The trick travel agencies and companies may have is how to market these in country hunting expeditions properly.

Bundled Weekend Specials

A quick and easy way to reach a large hunting expedition audience is to offer bundled weekend specials. These specials should be built for hunting parties of three or more people. They should also include the hunting lodging, campsite, permits, and the ability for the hunters to keep all meat obtained during the weekend. Additional features should be centered on the processing of the meat and low cost processing methods. A truly beneficial hunting bundled package will work within the confines of a weekend to permit the hunters to return to work without taking unnecessary off days, hunt for large amounts of meat, keep any meat from the hunt, and have that meat processed before the return home.

Market to the Right Audience

If you are the owner of a hunting lodge and you want to expand that client list using hunting expedition travel packages, then you want to market to the right audience. Many hunting lodge owners and land owners will have a large increase of clients during the hunting seasons. The trick is marketing their hunting lands during seasons where there are drops in higher paying clients. Marketing to the blue collar audience during these time frames will help you close the sell and continue your business even during lower seasonal, but equally open, hunting times. Push the benefits of duck hunting, turkey hunting, and even fishing as a way to market your lodge area or your travel bundle. If duck season is also a good season for certain fish in your area, then bundle the two as a duck and fishing package.

Seasonal Considerations

Remember, you may have higher paying hunters during bigger seasons and opening weeks, but during the down season you can grab those individuals who need the food. The hunters who hunt to supply various meats throughout the year are going to find a hunting expedition travel option greatly beneficial to their families. If they can take a long weekend with friends to go hunting and return home with three different kinds of meat, that is a trip well worth the process. This is especially true if you include the right options such as campground sites, permits, and meat processing.

When you are marketing hunting travel packages you want something for everyone. You want something that works for every hunter regardless of their income. Affordable and bare bones packages work just as well as high end lodging packages.


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