Inbound calling and sales is an easy way to increase leads for your business. In fact, during a five minute interaction of an inbound sales call, a lead generator can accumulate enough information to determine if the caller is a pre-qualified lead for various products and services. The big question for many businesses and lead generators is how to tap into the leads, increase the leads, and close the sales through the inbound call. If you are considering inbound sales and implementing a lead generation technique with those sales, here are a few techniques to get your team started.

Combine the Inbound Sale with Upsells

Every company with inbound sales usually has some form of upsell they use. For example, if you call one of the many 24 hour shopping channels and order a sweater, you are likely to be asked if you want the matching accessories with that. It’s a soft upsell, but effective. This same technique can be used with inbound business calls or marketing calls. If someone calls to order a lead generation sheet, try combining those leads with other leads. This could mean an upsell to additional leads, upsell to a pre-qualified package, or even an upsell to related PLR content.

Review Previous Purchases

Regular customers tend to have a trend of buying. They may always buy certain leads, leads in specific niches, or if you are selling content they may buy PLR in specific packages or niche options. Reviewing their previous purchases will lead to an increase in leads simply based on their inbound calls. You can take that review and send out an email marketing campaign that will reach not only the specific customer, but also those customers that fall into the lead categories.

Be Friendly

Okay, being friendly is a standard when you have inbound calling for sales. You should always be personable, friendly, and work with the customer. This is just the way customer service works. However, when you are talking about increasing leads through inbound calling, you want to be a little friendlier than normal and push into areas about what the customer needs. Sure, they are purchasing leads or something related to a product or service, but do they need more? Find out what they are looking for, what their needs are, and where they are going with their purchase. You may find with a few short questions and a friendly banter that adding an extra few minutes to the phone call will lead to increased leads and closing sales.

There are several aspects of increasing leads through inbound calling that you should not shy away from. Do not stick to a certain time limit on the call. Let the call flow so you can get the answers you need to pre-qualify the lead and close more sales. Make sure that you are upselling, but the upsells pertain to the purchase. There is nothing more annoying to a caller than to be asked if they want a certain item and that item have nothing to do with the purchase they are making. Also, make sure you are letting the call handle itself naturally. Introducing scripts makes the call sound pushy and makes the inbound caller feel a bit trapped or uncomfortable. Let it all flow.


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