Managing leads is a full time job in and of itself. This is why many businesses will hire not only a lead generation team, but also a lead manager. For some businesses, especially small or start up businesses, the idea of a lead manager and lead management may seem foreign. If you are considering hiring a lead manager or if you are considering different techniques to manage your current leads for 2013, here are a few techniques that will help.

Streamline your Leads

The first technique in 2013 lead management is to streamline your leads. All too often leads will be generated for one product or service only. Creating multiple streams of income and sales potential from one lead is the way to go. In order to keep that concept in order, you will need to streamline the leads. This can be done in several ways that depend greatly on the services you are offering. If you are offering several services you may want to categorize the leads and streamline them by numbers. An example would be managing all leads that only qualify for one product, then two products, three products and so on.

Delegate Leads

Delegating leads is nothing new, but delegating techniques may be for your business. In the past, lead generation was generally handled as an all in one process. However, lead management techniques are evolving and delegating leads is becoming increasingly popular. One technique that lead managers are using is putting their top sales closers on the leads that streamline to more products. Normally they would be put on the qualified leads that are qualified for one service. The new technique and belief is that the best lead generators and sales agents will be able to handle a lead and close more sales on leads that are streamlined to more services. From that point, lead generators and sales professionals are placed on the other leads accordingly.

Over Qualify the Lead

Over-qualifying the lead is a technique being used by several lead generation managers across the world. As a lead manager, the technique would help determine if a lead is not only qualified for the product service, but if the lead is also something that could be used at another time. This process consists of asking more leading questions and reviewing detailed responses. This generally is done through the use of email responses or by reviewing the recorded call that may have taken place between the original lead generator and the lead. Having fresh eyes review the lead and over qualify the lead for products or services is an opportunity that should and is taken to build bigger leads, larger sales revenue, and a pool of leads for later services or products the lead has shown an interest or need in.

These are just three techniques that are being used in developed during 2013. As a lead manager there are other techniques that can be used, other techniques that can work, and most importantly ideas that can develop from the previously mentioned techniques mentioned here.


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