Here are three main tips for those seeking to market towards baby boomers.

Provide Contact Through Social Media

Baby boomers are generally a generation that prefer to have one-on-one communication with someone who they will be purchasing from or interacting with in regards to a service. Although they don’t mind using the internet to purchase services, when they are dealing with a new service or a brand that hasn’t gotten their loyalty yet, they want to know that they can trust that company for being reliable and trustworthy. By providing contact to them through social media, it helps in several ways. It shows them that you are interested in providing them with your care and that you are serious about managing customer relations with your company. It also ensures that they will realize that they can get in contact with any questions or concerns via the use of social media; ideally, you should reach out to them on a site that they use very frequently. By connecting with them in this way, they are more likely to pay attention to your updates and even share information about your company or product with other people as that brand loyalty begins to develop.

Know Your Social Media

While there are plenty of sites and platforms that baby boomers will use, there are also a few that they’re not interested in at all. Facebook is generally one of the most popular options and it’s fairly typical that you can reach out to the demographic on this platform. However, they are less likely to use sites like Instagram or Tumblr, because these are sites that are directly more geared towards the younger generation and they feel out of place making accounts here. Platforms like Google Plus or Twitter generally work well because they still provide a more mature approach to communication in comparison to other options that may be available. If you know where to market to your demographic, you will know how to reach them and also where you should spare some of your marketing investment in order to devote those costs towards more beneficial areas.

Do Not Mock Them

One of the worst actions that you can take with this demographic is to mock them in any manner when you’re advertising to them or trying to sell them something personally. Advertisements shouldn’t depict older individuals in a negative light or mock their intelligence; it doesn’t work for sales and it’s incredibly inappropriate. This is a mistake that was previous made by Taco Bell’s Super Bowl commercial which seemed to suggest that older individuals were fairly irrelevant and had no concept of today’s society or culture. If you want to be able to make a good impression on the older demographic, depict them in advertisements which suggest that they are knowledgeable, successful, experienced, etc. It doesn’t provide a lot of comedic relief, but it reaches out to the demographic in a positive way that they are less likely to critique or feel uncomfortable about.


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