Businesses are looking for two things, ways to increase their revenue and ways to decrease their expenses. It may seem like these two options will not go hand in hand. In 2013, there are more opportunities for businesses to gain more leads, build their exposure, increase their revenue, and do it all while decreasing their expenses. If you are looking for ways to meet all of these goals, but want to take on new and innovative techniques, here are some opportunities to consider.

Stop the Fast Approach

Fast money, quick revenue, quick turnaround, and instant sales are concepts that everyone in lead generation has faced. They are great ideas, and honestly they do work, at least for a time. The bigger picture though is for sustainable and longer term lead generation to create the revolving door of leads to sales. This means ignoring the fast approach and go for patience. This technique takes about a month and is based on using 100% unique content, published on a daily bases, that has not only quality but value. Publishing this kind of quality content that brings readers back to the lead generation process and creates that lead to work with, is the essence and foundation of making more leads for less in 2013. Content can be free, next to nothing, or billed at a very low rate per week compared to other marketing techniques. It will also bring in leads without the purchase of lead generation lists, and it will reach a new set of readers that otherwise would go untapped.

Ignore Dead End Leads

In the past, any lead was a good lead. In 2013, if you want to reach the goals of more leads for less you will have to ignore dead end leads. As much as you may not want to follow this advice, you have to look at your time and manpower. Instead of having a lead generator on the phone trying to sell to someone who is not interested, put that lead generator in the frame of mind to move on. Be polite, thank the lead for their time, even ask the lead if you may retain their name and number for later. You can do all of this, but still move onto the next call. Trying to sell to a dead lead is frustrating for the lead generator, will not produce a solid sale, and will waste time and manpower hours. Moving to the next lead means more solid leads are developed and cultivated during the scheduled time. This means less hours to pay to lead generators, increased revenue, and a reduction in the expenses.

Stop Giving it Away

Free offers were great, a decade ago. In 2013 the free offer now appears to the lead or possible client as some kind of bait and switch. If you want to offer something free, offer it at the time of purchase and throw it in as an unmentioned extra. When you open the lead with a view of free you are shooting yourself in the foot. First of all that free offer took time to create. It may be content, video, an E-book or any number of free options. Regardless, it still took time to create and that was time you went unpaid for your work or you paid the expense to another party. Instead only create free items that can go hand in hand with a purchased item. The word of mouth from this technique will spread and you will receive more leads, free word of mouth marketing, an increase in revenue from new clients, and a decrease in unreturned expenses.


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