If you are representative of a for-profit school, and you are considering purchasing leads, there are several benefits to purchasing prequalified leads and to hiring lead closers for those leads. Though the cost may be more initially, the benefits and end results far outweigh those costs. The following are just a few benefits for prequalified leads in a few benefits of lead closers for those leads and for the overall income of a prophet educational institution.

Weeding out Unnecessary Leads

The biggest benefit for purchasing prequalified leads, is the benefit of weeding out unnecessary leads. For example, if you purchase a lead list of 100 leads and 25% to 30% of those leads are not qualifying leads, you could end up spending hours weeding out those particular leads. However, by purchasing prequalified lead lists these unnecessary leads are already weeded out for you. This saves time, money and keeps the budget balanced for the profit educational expenses.

Billable Hours

The billable hours that are reduced by purchasing prequalified leads can be staggering depending on the amount of leads that the educational organizations purchases. For example, if you purchase a lead list of 100 leads that are prequalified you have already reduced your time by over half. However, if you purchase a much larger lead list you will not only reduce your billable hours but you may also reduce the amount of manpower that you need in order to contact these leads and prequalify them. Overall, a for-profit organization purchasing prequalified leads can save anywhere from 25% to 40% on billable man-hours, time, and budgeting.

Completion of Process

Once you purchase prequalified leads, if you are considering purchasing a lead closer package, then there are certain benefits. A lead closer package generally consists of not only the prequalified leads but having someone contact those leads and close the process. This means that when you receive a bill from the lead generation company, your receiving a bill for admissions that have already been placed. A lead closer will work the prequalified leads, produce results, and produce a higher increase in your admissions. You will be able to check the closer’s progress simply by seeing the admissions increase in your for-profit educational institution. This means that you have a reduction of manpower, billable hours, and a reduction in time spent to find lead closers to work the prequalified leads you purchase.

Increase in Admissions and to Decrease in Expenses

By purchasing prequalified leads and lead closers you are starting and finishing the process in one purchase. This means that you may spend more initially than you would normally. However you will see an increase in admissions and see a decrease in your expenses overall. If you are interested in purchasing prequalified leads and hiring a lead closer staff or a lead generation staff, the staff of FII can help you determine what the best options are for your for-profit educational institution and how you need to get there. They will also be able to consult with you on the best methods to use, the best ways to increase your admissions, and the best ways to close sales on your prequalified leads.


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