Startup schools and universities tend to fall under the category of certifications and special training programs. The certifications special training programs may or may not be accredited. Startup schools generally fall under category such as theology, metaphysical sciences, parapsychology, and various certification courses designed to help online workers such as blogging courses and coding. Startup schools tend to have the hardest time in creating educational leads. The following are a few methods that you can use to create educational leads for your school and to validate those leads as qualified leads as well as closing the sale and admissions process on those leads.

Nontraditional Resources

The use of nontraditional resources as one of the leading ways to create educational start up schools. Remember, that startup schools are generally not part of the mainstream school system. For example, if you have a startup school that is centered on herbology you'll want to focus on nontraditional resources in order to gain educational leads. One of the nontraditional resources that is commonly used on forums related to the niche being offered by the start of school. These forums will allow you to promote your school, discuss the options your school has, and promote the school through a signature line. There are other nontraditional resources such as Facebook, Twitter and various content creation options.

Reaching Out Through Content

Reaching out through content and content generation is one of the leading ways to reach educational leads for startup schools. Nontraditional resources should be used in combination with a content program. Remember, that you do not want to use a content campaign that simply talks about the school. In fact, you want to only mention the school in a closing or conclusion paragraph or as a resource link. Instead, focus on what the startup school offers. If the startup school offers certifications and metaphysical sciences or degrees in theology, then you would want to focus on content that deals with the specific topics. You want to be able to show that your startup school does have the background knowledge in order to help the potential lead reach their educational goals within that niche.

Creating Capture Pages and Guides

One of the ways that you can utilize your website and your school site to its maximum potential is to create a capture page and a free guide or a low-cost guide. Creating a capture page on the website means that a potential lead would read your content or find your website from a nontraditional resource. They would then be sent to your website for a back link of some kind and be able to view the school, what the school has to offer, and sign up for a free informational packet or e-mail. You can then contact the potential lead and offer the guide as part of the e-mail campaign.

By utilizing nontraditional sources, reaching out through content creation, and creating capture pages as well as guides you'll be able to create educational leads that are already prequalified and ready to sign up for services. Remember, not a pushy sales pitch. You want to allow the student to feel that they came to you on their own and that there was no high-pressure tactic used to and roll them into your program or into the startup school. Also remember, that when you are contacting the potential lead you will want to make sure that you are contacting them and answering their questions with no hard sales pitch and no hard selling.


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