Using surveys as an educational lead generating technique, is not a new concept. However, the technique used in the surveys is. In recent years, many surveys have come to the Internet in a form of pop-up windows. However, students and potential leads tend to block pop-up windows through their browser. This means that many surveys for educational leads are lost. In order to gain more education leads through surveys, surveys have to change in the way the survey is given and the survey to be changed as well. The following are several lead techniques that are being used to help promote surveys and help reduce the amount of manpower and man hours needed to prequalify leads, close sale, and design up a potential lead as an admission into the educational program.

Informational Packet Surveys

Some colleges and universities have moved to using an informational packet survey. This packet survey generally comes in the form of an e-mail marketing campaign, digital download, or Postal Service mailing. The survey is usually placed into the admissions or informational packet and has some sort of incentive. For some colleges and universities the incentive is to offer a discount to online tuition or to offer a discount on books or some other program. This informational packet survey tends to appeal to people who are trying to the best price on their certification program or at home degree. Informational packets surveys have seen a rise in interest with colleges and universities trying to decrease their budget for lead generation while increasing their admissions.

College Campus Surveys

College campus surveys may not seem like they would bring in any kind of prequalified or legitimate educational lead techniques if the student is already on-campus. However for graduate programs and to tap into current students who have friends off-campus or were not enrolled, the college campus survey tends to bring in a good number of possible admissions. The surveys are usually held at the student center or found in the dorms and residence halls throughout campus.

High School Surveys

High school surveys are also offered as an educational lead technique. High school surveys tend to produce the most prequalified leads with the highest number of admissions. High school surveys are usually given through the college counselors, career counselors, and through high school instructors. The incentive is to find the right college, certification, or other degree program for the student to reach their goals.

Surveys are still one of the quickest ways to gain prequalified leads, but they are not fool proof. Surveys tend to be ignored by many students, filled out too quickly by students, or are lost in a paperwork shuffle within the University. The best way to reach students for educational lead is still to use a lead generation service program such as the ones offered by FII. These programs tend to focus more on students who are legitimately willing and ready to sign up for college courses and those students who are looking for a particular goal and a particular program.


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