Reaching out to home loan modifications for debt relief leads is a debt consolidation technique being used in 2013. This debt consolidation lead generation technique not only benefits the debt consolidation company, but also benefits the individual whose facing a large amount of debt. Most individuals who are facing a large amount of debt will tend to look at home loan modifications to lower at least their monthly expenses. There are several ways that a debt consolidation lead generator can use to focus in on these home loan modifications and have an individual sign up for debt consolidation and debt relief through the company.

How Does Home Loan Modification Equal Debt Relief?

The first question a debt consolidation generator may have is how does a home loan modification actually equal debt relief which in turn would equal a lead that will sign up for debt consolidation. Individuals who are looking at home loan modification are looking at the home loan modification for several reasons. They want to lower their home loan mortgage payment. They may be facing a high interest rate currently and for whatever reason their credit may have turned around to allow them to get a better percentage on their home loan. This means that their monthly home loan payments could be reduced by as much as 25%. That 25% makes a huge difference for individuals who are facing debt issues. By focusing in on that home loan modification niche, a debt consolidation agent would be able to not only help them find a home loan modification option but also steer them in the direction of being able to pay off all of their debts with the money that is left over.

What Is the Best Technique for Turning a Home Loan Modification Lead into a Debt Consolidation Client?

One of the best techniques for turning a home loan modification lead into a debt consolidation client is to focus in on the benefits of the extra money that will be brought in by lowering the home loan. For example, if the individual is looking at a $200 a month difference by lowering or modifying their home loan, the debt consolidation agent can focus in on a portion of that money. This will show the homeowner a benefit of not only lowering their monthly payments, but increasing their monthly budget and being able to pay off bills. This is a three for one offer that shows three benefits by doing one simple task. Focusing in on this technique will allow the person to see the benefit of debt consolidation and to want to sign up for debt consolidation.

What If the Debt Consolidation Company Does Not Deal with Home Loan Modification?

Not many debt consolidation companies do deal in home loan modification. However, they can use home loan modification leads to their advantage. If you do not deal in home loan modification, you can work with the individual to help them find home loan modification agencies. This is a great way for the lead generator, especially a freelancer, to build an affiliate market. You can sign up as an affiliate with a home loan modification agency, drive the lead to that modification agency and bring the lead back to your debt consolidation program.


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