One aspect that marketers are beginning to realize about the baby boomer demographic is that since many of them do not have to deal with taking care of their children anymore now that their children are all adults, they have time for options such as returning to college. This can be a very fulfilling and beneficial experience to those who are seeking to pursue their education and learn something new in this pivotal transition within their life. Although it’s a challenging experience for some, most baby boomers are able to adapt to the changes very quickly and make up a significant amount of the people who are continuing their education.

Marketing to baby boomer students is important because they’re a completely different demographic than those students who are from the younger generation. Students in the younger generation deal with the stress of going into debt based on student loans and other related requirements to pay their high tuition fees. However, most of the baby boomer students do not deal with this issue because they’ve worked in steady careers for a few decades and have saved up enough money to be able to afford their own education this time around. They also learn differently than the traditional younger generation student.

Some baby boomer students are returning to school because they want to make a change in their career. For example, while the younger generation attends school because they want to earn a degree and begin to work towards having that career they’ve always dreamed about, a lot of the baby boomer students don’t have this issue; instead, they’ve pursued a career that they thought they would have enjoyed or a career that they actually did enjoy, but later decided that they wanted to take a different path in employment and pursue something they were more passionate about. For baby boomers, their degree is often not their first – they’re just following up with other degrees in their spare time.

On the other hand, some baby boomers go to college to continue their education because they didn’t have the chance to pursue this when they were raising their children. They were at a point in their lives where their children came first and they had to work hard to be able to support them and take care of them constantly. As a result, they generally had no time for themselves in this sense. Now that their children have left the nest, they have plenty of time to focus on themselves and start pursuing the various things that they are passionate about, such as attaining a solid education or getting out into the world and trying new things that they would have never done while they were raising their children. Understanding that, it’s no doubt why baby boomers are some of the most in demand students for most universities and colleges throughout the country, making them one of the most profitable and beneficial types of prospective students that are available within our society.


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