Understanding the baby boom demographic is essential for those who want to be able to market to it properly. Without insight into what the demographic currently is like and what they face with their transitions in various milestones of their lives, it’s very difficult to be able to create a reasonable or appropriate marketing plan that centers around them. For a better understanding of what the baby boomer generation has become over the past decade or so, here is a closer look at some of the information associated with their group, as well as some of the challenges that they face. Marketers that are seeking to create the most respectable and profitable marketing plan towards this demographic must focus themselves completely towards learning the likes and dislikes of the group as a whole, while still understanding that no one within the demographic is completely the same; they are a group of different lifestyles and goals that have unique meshed themselves together.

A lot of baby boomers begin to take advantage of the freedom that they have after their adult offspring have left home and branched out into their own lives. For this reason, they’re more likely to go traveling, have pets, start their own business, and pursue many other independent endeavors. If your company or your marketing approach embraces these concepts and encourages new experiences after the transition of empty nest syndrome, there’s a good chance that more baby boomers are going to flock towards your options. Additionally, some baby boomers also divorce during these periods, so companies and products that help them downsize and adjust to living alone or being single again can be a great way to capture their interest.

It has been said that more than 110 million people combined make up the baby boomer and senior demographic. They are the single largest group of consumers in America and are known to spend over $7 billion dollars online every year. They make up around one third of all social media and online users and there are over 8 million of them spending over 20 hours a week online. The numbers only continue to grow as more baby boomers are experiencing empty nest situations and beginning to regain some of their freedom after their adult offspring have moved out of their house and have ventured on to pursue their own lives.

Internet marketing of any type requires a long term and experienced strategy that’s going to provide proven results. It must be able to branch across social media and various online platforms and target a multitude of demographics, instead of just one specific type. Businesses who want to gain true success must seek to actively engage with the baby boomers and the older demographic because they are ultimately going to be the demographic which continues to be strong and financially equipped within the upcoming decades. Businesses who are not willing to adapt to this concept are going to find that they miss out on a large amount of profit and the opportunity to expand their consumer relations.


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