If your company is a health insurance company or if you are a lead generator for a health insurance company, boosting health insurance sales may be difficult. The reason for this is due to the high cost of insurance, high deductibles, and the fact that many families can no longer afford to pay out the monthly costs of premiums. In order to boost healthcare lead sales, you will need to focus on different questions that families ask and offer solutions to those questions.

What Health Insurance Options Are Available for Children Only?

Many health insurance companies have started offering insurance options for children only. These insurance options are affordable and can cover everything from vaccinations to normal doctors’ visits. If your company does have these insurance options you will want to promote these insurance options to families as a first resort rather than a last resort. If your company does not have this option but has a workable option that can meet the needs of a family in the situation, then you need to promote that option and explain it clearly as to how would benefit the family.

What Does the Deductible Apply To?

A common question that is asked by a family purchasing health insurance, is the deductible. A deductible may be $10,000 but it is unclear what the deductible is applied to. It may apply to only a hospital visit, it may apply to only and outpatient visit, or it may apply overall to the insurance. If you want to boost the sale, you will need to be specific about where the deductible comes in. If for example, a family can purchase health insurance and see their doctor when necessary with a co-pay but only have to worry about the $10,000 deductible if there is a hospital stay, then you are likely to boost the health insurance sale by simply explaining this option.

How Many Doctors Appointments Do We Get a Year?

A family may be asking how many appointments they receive in a year, but may be concerned with what appointments are covered under the co-pay or specific amount listed on the information for the policy. If for example your company offers an option of four doctors’ visits a year for a $35 deductible this may not be clear to the family if this is for the adults or for the children. This is especially confusing if the family has an infant that will need ongoing immunization and well-baby visits. If there are only four doctors’ visits a year, they may feel that the insurance is not right for them due to the fact that they have a newborn who will be visiting the doctor much more often than four times a year.

The key factor in boosting health insurance sales and health insurance lead sales is to follow what the family or individual needs as well is the question being asked. Remember the question they ask my not actually be the question they want to ask. You need to make sure that you are offering every possible outlet for the family that will work for that family and boost the sale.


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