When you are purchasing lead lists online the question may be how many leads to purchase. Some companies may purchase only a few leads while other companies may decide that a larger lead list is better. The following are a few questions to ask yourself before purchasing larger lead lists and to determine if a larger lead list is better for your business overall.

How Long Does the Business Have to Work through the Leads?

Determining how long you have to work through the leads is one of the questions you need to ask before purchasing a larger lead list. If you have an unlimited amount of time to work through the leads, and are not concerned with leads being incredibly fresh, then a large list may be right for you. If however, you do not have an unlimited amount of time to work through the leads and if you need the leads to be as fresh as possible a smaller list would be best.

Will You Be Working with Prequalified Leads?

The second question to ask is if prequalified leads are the types of leads you will be working with. If you are working with prequalified leads, then you have a much smaller window of time to work those leads before they move to another company. For example, if you are working with prequalified education leads, you do not want to wait longer than a week or two to work those leads. This is because a student who is prequalified for your educational program is also looking at other educational programs as well. You can guarantee that if they are looking at other educational programs, those educational programs have prequalified them as well and it is a race to determine who gets the lead. In this case a smaller lead list is better.

Do You Have the Manpower to Handle a Larger List?

If you have a dedicated department that handles prequalified leads and can call on those leads to work them, then a larger list makes sense. For example, some businesses may have 10 to 20 work-at-home professionals or in office professionals that do nothing but lead generation work all day. If you have that kind of resource, then splitting up a much larger list not only ensures that there is work for your people but also ensures that there is ongoing income and revenue from sales.

Will You Be Purchasing Prequalified List along with Sales Closers?

When you purchase online lists, you generally have several options that you can choose. One of the options is the standard lead list purchase. These are not prequalified, they do need to be worked, and they may or may not yield the results are looking for. Other options include prequalified lists and lead generation sales closers that can work with you to close the sales on the prequalified list you've chosen. If you will be purchasing a prequalified list along with sales closing services then a longer list would be bit more beneficial due to the cost effectiveness of that list and the sales closer.


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