When a business markets to moms, there are several common mistakes that businesses make. These common mistakes lead to no sale, bad reviews, and to word-of-mouth that is negative rather than positive. If you are considering marketing to moms or if you are a company that markets to moms exclusively and is having issues with marketing techniques, the following are a few of the common mistakes that you can avoid.

Avoid Pushy Sales Tactics

Despite a common belief by some businesses, mothers do know what they need and what types of products or services are best for them. If a mother is not interested in a particular product or service, it is generally because she either already has a solution to that product or service or she is simply not interested in the product or service. Pushy sales tactics only come off in a negative manner. The mother tends to feel pressured into the sale and will avoid the sale if they feel pressured. The best option is to avoid the mistake of a pushy sales tactic and instead offer a solution on a beneficial level to the mother.

Avoid Clingy Sales

Clingy sales tactics is something that mothers refer to when a salesperson does not take the hint. For example, if you are trying to upsell a product, prequalify a lead, or if you are calling a mother to sell a certain item you may feel the need to continue to try to get the sale even after she has said no. Most mothers who are home and can take a phone call or contact may have an issue where they cannot speak to the salesperson at that time. Unfortunately, one of the biggest common mistakes businesses make is to try to pressure or keep the person on the line in order to make the call. The thought process is that if the person continues to badger the mother she will eventually agree to the sale and the sale closes. This is called clingy sales tactics. You will not get the sale, you will waste your time, and you'll receive a bad review from the mother who is simply trying to get off the phone due to an issue that outweighs the sale from your business.

Recognize the Needs and Pressures of the Mom When Marketing to a Mom

All too often the business will have a lead generator, outbound sales professional, or even inbound sales professional try to push the sale in order to get the sale in any way possible. This is a great strong-arm tactic when you're dealing business to business. However, when you're dealing with marketing to a mom, strong-arm tactics and pressure are not going to work. The best way to handle a sale and market to a mom is to recognize the need and the pressures of the mom. This will allow you to determine what product or service they need, but will also allow them to avoid feeling under pressure by the sale.

Remember that the more you pressure a mom, the more you try to keep her on the phone for the sale, and the more you try to push the sale the less likely it will be that you will get the sale. In addition, pushing the sale and creating these common mistakes in marketing to a mom will only leave you with poor reviews and bad word-of-mouth marketing.


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