If you are considering purchasing online leads, there are several aspects to consider. In fact, if you do a quick review of people's experiences with purchasing online leads, you may see a lot of negativity. That negativity comes from the leads not being suitable for the needs of the client. In fact, one of the biggest complaints from clients who purchased online leads,leads being stale or old. This means you have wasted your money, your time and you still have no true leads for your business. If you take the following considerations into account, you can avoid this issue and obtain the leads you need for your business.

How Are Leads Obtained by the Company?

The first question you want to ask and take into considertion is how leads are obtained by the company. If you ask a company representative how their leads are obtained and they cannot give you a straight answer, then you need to move on to another company. However, if you ask how leads are obtained and you are told it depends on the type of leads you want then you can lead into the next question. Simply asking how leads are obtained can let you know right away if the leads are going to be fresh or if the leads are just leads that were purchased from other lead companies and passed on to you at higher or discounted rate.

How Are Prequalified Leads Determined?

If you ask how leads are obtained by the company, and you were told it depends on the type of leads you are looking for, the next question should be how are prequalified leads determined. This will let you know approximately how old the leads are. For example, if the company states that prequalified leads are determined by creating and working through the lead as the person orders the leads then you will know that the leads you receive their prequalified will be fresh. You will know that the leads are prequalified and determined at the time you order.

Can I Give Specific Qualification Questions for the Lead Generation Staff?

Though most lead generation companies will have their own qualifying questions in place depending on the niche that you are in, many companies are flexible with businesses. For example, if a business is looking for very specific prequalified leads, then the lead generation company will tend to work with the questions that will make the business client happy. If the qualification questions do not lead to prequalified leads to actually are prequalified for the business ordering them, then the entire process is a lost effort that will lead to an unhappy customer as well as horrible reviews.

At the end of the day, if you are a business that is ordering prequalified leads or online leads, you want to make sure that your leads are at least fresh enough that they can still be worked. If the company is willing to offer prequalified leads that are qualified based on your criteria, then you know that the leads are somewhat fresh. If the company does not have a background, review, testimonial, or anything else backing up what they do then you may want to look for another business offering quality leads with a guarantee or a backup of some kind to prove their expertise in the field.


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