When you're purchasing prequalified leads online, there are several considerations to take into account. These considerations can be reviewed by asking a few simple questions about why you are purchasing prequalified leads, what prequalified leads are, and the benefits prequalified leads have for your business. After you've determined these answers, you can move forward with purchasing prequalified leads and with closing those leads. The following are a few of the questions to take into consideration prior to purchasing the prequalified lead list.

Does the Lead Generation Company Have a Background in Prequalified Leads?

The first question you want to ask yourself before purchasing leads online is if the lead generation company has a background prequalified leads. Some lead generation companies, especially smaller ones, may state that they have prequalified leads but the leads are not prequalified at all. What you want is a company that has a solid background in providing quality prequalified leads. You want to be able to make sure that the company has an expertise in this field so that your money does not go to waste. You also want to make sure several other aspects of the company's background including the rating with the BBB and if there are any negative reviews online related to the prequalified the program the company offers.

How Old Are the Prequalified Leads?

Your second question should be how old the prequalified leads actually are. For example, if you are an educational company looking for prequalified education leads, having a prequalified lead from two years ago is not going to help your admissions process. You need to make sure that the leads are prequalified and as fresh as they need to be for your particular endeavors. If your goals are to have fresh leads from the last few months and you need to make sure that the company offers that. Remember, that the older the lead to less likely to close the sell.

What Determines Prequalification of the Lead?

Some prequalification leads are based completely on the business purchasing those leads. This means that if you find a company that prequalified based on your criteria, you can guarantee that the leads are fresh and you're the person determining what is a prequalified lead and what isn't. However, some companies cater to specific niches and because of that may know already know what the basic pre-qualifications of a lead are. In this case, they may not base the prequalification on the order at the time it is placed but on their own set of pre-qualification standards.

What Is the Cost of Prequalification Leads and Are There Sales Closers for Those Leads?

Many businesses may not have time to work prequalification leads. For this reason they may ask is a sales closer is available as well as a pre-qualifier. Many lead generation companies may offer both services while others may not. If the company does not offer the service, you will need to make sure that you can find a company who can be trusted to work your prequalification leads. This is a costly question for many businesses because if a prequalification lead does come with a sales closer the cost may be significantly reduced over having to hire a sales closer on the outside.


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