Finding out what a debt lead wants versus what a debt lead needs is the key factor in converting a debt lead to a debt consolidation client. It will also let you know if a debt lead needs bankruptcy assistance, debt consolidation assistance, credit card assistance, financial aid assistance, or a home loan consolidation or renegotiation. All of this is vital to converting the lead to a sale. The following are a few questions that will help you find out what a debt lead needs versus what debt lead wants.

What Is the Debt Leads Current Financial Issue?

Asking what the debt leads current financial issue is, will lead you to finding out what their actual need is. For example, a debt lead may say that they have a high mortgage payment. This mortgage payment may lead to other issues. The key here is to listen to the main issue but also listen to the follow-up issues. If the debt lead is stating that they have a high mortgage, and that is what's causing a snowball effect leading to unpaid debts then you know that there want is to lower the mortgage rates but their need is to consolidate other debts.

What Is the Current Debt to Income Ratio?

Some individuals may know how much income they have versus how much expense they have in the home. This makes budgeting a bit difficult. The best way to approach this question is to offer some form of budgeting assistance. Budget assistance is very quick and easy and can be done with a quick budget worksheet. By asking them what the bills are and asking what the issue is you can determine what the debt to income ratio is for the household. This will help you determine if lowering the mortgage payment to a specific amount and consolidating the debts to one payment would actually benefit the lead. This in effect is a prequalifying staff to determine if the lead is actually going to turn into a customer with your debt consolidation service.

What If We Could Do This?

What if we could do this, is a leading question for a debt consolidation generator to use. However, the leading question can turn a debt lead directly into a debt client. The reason you ask what if we could do this, is to promote a solution to the debt leads problems. By asking that, you are leading them to the path that takes them to the different solutions available. For example, if the debt lead states to you that they have a higher amount of money going out than is coming in and that higher amount is due to a combination of factors you may be able to consolidate their debt and reduce their monthly bills to a more reasonable payment which would give them an increase in extra money each month. This will balance their budgets and will give them the benefit that they can see from signing up as a consolidation client. This will effectively turn the lead into a closed sale.


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