The frugal or budget friendly mom is probably the most difficult mom to market to. The reason for this is that many businesses do not understand the frugality that goes into being a frugal mom. The idea is that a frugal mom is not willing to spend any money, not willing to buy new technology, and not open to any sales. This leads a business to either market to other moms and avoid a frugal mom altogether or to try high-pressure sales tactic on the frugal mom. If you are wanting to open up a new market and reach out to a frugal mom for marketing purposes, here are a few ways and questions you can ask to successfully market to that demographic.

What Is Causing the Mom to Be Frugal?

The first question to ask is what is causing the mom to be frugal. One of the reasons is usually due to either the mom or the spouse being laid off from work. This generally turns the mom to several concepts of frugal living. This may be a short-term issue or it may be a short-term issue that turned into a long-term lifestyle. If you can find out why the mother is frugal and what she needs to fit her frugal lifestyle, then you will be better able to market to her and market products that she will be interested in.

What Products Would Make Her Life Easier As Well As Be Affordable?

The misconception by several businesses is that if you are marketing to a frugal mom the product or service must be equally as frugal. This is not true. Many frugal moms will pay a higher price for an item that will lead to frugality over a low-cost items that may not last long. A prime example of this is a frugal mom who has decided to use the hydrating and canning methods in order to provide a food storage plan for their family. In these situations, a frugal mom may choose to purchase a food dehydrator that is a higher in the food dehydrator and will last longer as well as handle more food. A frugal mom is going to be more inclined to purchase the dehydrator that will handle more food, be safer for the family, and will last longer than the standard $50 dehydrator.

What Are the Hobbies of the Mom?

When you are marketing to a mom, the hobbies are the most important things to zone in on. It does not matter if you are marketing a product or service that has anything to do with the hobby itself. If you can connect your product or service in any way to the hobbies that she handles, then you will be able to close the sale as long as you can show the benefits of your product or service. A prime example would be finding out that the mom does polymer clay jewelry in her pastime. Polymer clay jewelry tends to use specific items for the clay modeling. One of those items is a toaster oven. If your company sells appliances and markets and the moms, then you can tie in that small appliance to the moms hobbies.


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