Lead trading versus lead purchasing is a technique that has been emerging for several years. In 2013, it is really seeing resurgence with several businesses who are trying to get their name out there. Small businesses and online firms are starting to use lead trading in order to build affiliate lines and to build more lines of sales. The following are a few considerations of the differences between lead trading versus lead purchasing and how lead trading may benefit your company.

What Is the Process of Lead Trading?

The process of lead trading differs depending on the format the lead is offered. If you are using a forum or other open service, the lead trading may be as simple as trading leads through e-mail. However, many lead generation companies are now offering a lead trading program. What this means is that you may purchase leads from the company and use those leads to gain clients. After you use those leads, you may find that those leads would work for someone else. You can then resell those leads through the lead generation company to a person who can use those leads for their business and vice versa. This means that you may constantly be trading leads but you are only purchasing one main package with a small trading fee.

What Is the Cost of Lead Trading Versus Lead Purchasing?

The truth is that lead trading starts with lead purchasing. This means that you would purchase leads to begin with and then work into lead trading as needed. For example, if you are a business purchasing leads for a funeral preparation company you may be purchasing the leads at flat rate cost per 100 leads. You would pay the flat rate cost and work through the leads depending on if they were standard leads or prequalified. You may find during the process that the leads you have may stream out into other preparation leads such as casket purchases, flower purchases, insurance purchases and other related costs.

At that time you may want to trade your leads with somebody who has already worked leads for flower purchases, insurance purchases and related purchases and now find their leads are best suited for funeral preparation.

What Are the Benefits of Lead Trading over Time?

The benefits of lead trading over time are found within the continuous cycle of leads. Each lead is not only prequalified, but it is also qualified further to determine if it works for your business. For example, if you offer home healthcare service and you find that those leads not only cater to home healthcare clients, but may be suited for a company offering home delivery services for oxygen tanks and other home healthcare accessories you can trade with a person who is already sold the home healthcare accessories but now has leads that would be better suited for home healthcare. It is a continuous cycle that helps you and helps other businesses. Also building networking between business-to-business contacts for it not only lead generation but also for combinations of business-to-business services.


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