If your business is in the market of convenience items, then tapping into the stay-at-home mom or work-at-home mom demographic is one of the best ways to close sales. Marketing convenience items to moms is a bit tricky though. If you know various tips and tricks, you can market your convenience items to the entire demographic of work at home and stay-at-home moms and build a solid following. The following are a few of the tips and tricks that will help you market to the demographic.

Focus on the Lifestyle

Every family and every mom is different. One work at home or stay-at-home mom may have a completely different lifestyle than another. For example, a convenience item to one mom may be the ability to use an all-in-one appliance that helps them make breakfast quickly and easily. However, that same appliance may be totally worthless to a mom whose lifestyle centers around making sure that the homemaking is done. For her, a convenience item may be an all-in-one steam cleaner that cleans up after pets, children, and the stains and spills that come from that. Finding out the lifestyle and focusing on the lifestyle of the mom is one of the biggest tips for marketing convenience items.

Convenience Versus Comfort

Convenience versus comfort is another aspect of marketing convenience items to moms. What a business feels is a huge convenience item for a mom, may not be convenience at all. The flipside of that is that the convenience item may offer a lot of convenience but the mother is just not comfortable using it due to family tradition, lifestyle, time management or due to just the way she wants to handle things in her home. Determining what convenience items meet the standard for the mom as well as meet the standard of comfort for the mom is a key factor in marketing the product or service properly.

Ask Leading but Non-Sales Questions

If you are marketing to moms in an inbound call center atmosphere, asking leading questions that are not sales questions is a trick to identifying what convenience items a mom may need. For example, if a mom calls in and orders several baby items, you can ask if they would be interested in related items. By finding out if they are interested in related items you can easily find out if the baby item purchased were for them or another family member. If they were for them then you can maximize the sale and market new products and services that are convenience items to the mom.

For example, if the mom is calling in to purchase a baby crib and you ask the question if they would like the accessories such as the conversion rail. You may find that they say no and tell you that it is for a family member. However, if they say yes you then know that the crib is possibly for them and that they plan on utilizing that crib to its maximum conversion capability. This means you can now market convenience accessories that go with the crib such as an under the crib drawer, a chest of drawers that can be used as a changing table but later have the convenience of converting straight to a chest of drawers. All of these items can come simply from asking that one leading non-sales question.


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