Businesses marketing to new mothers may have a difficult time figuring out how to bring in new leads. One of the leading marketing strategies being used to reach new mothers and new demographics are through free items. The following are a few free item ideas that businesses can use to reach out to new mothers, the various demographics of mothers, and the various lifestyles of mothers.

Free Baby Gifts

If your business offers a baby product, offering a free baby gift as a way to reach out to new moms is the best way to find new mom leads. New moms are always looking for free baby gifts online. These baby gifts do not have to be anything spectacular. If for example, your company makes cloth diapers, then offering a free cloth diaper or insert may be the best way to bring in that mother. If she sees an actual sample of what your company can do for her, then she is more likely to buy. Other free baby gifts may include a small sample of diapers, lotion, baby wash, teething toys and inexpensive items that your company can give away for free.

Coupons and Samples

One of the biggest marketing strategies that has worked for baby formula companies is to offer coupons and samples. If you are marketing to new moms and you are trying to reach a new demographic, take a page out of companies like Similac's books. Similac offer coupons and samples to new mothers. The samples are full-size samples that allow the mother to see the product, use the product, and use the coupon for the product. Not only does it market to the new mother and what she needs, it builds the sale by offering the item.

Free Shipping on Specialty Items

One of the biggest movements for new moms is the “crunchy” lifestyle. This is a back to nature approach that many mothers are attaching to. Some of the items in this lifestyle are very specialized. For example, the Amber teething necklace is a favorite of crunchy moms. Amber teething necklaces are not difficult come by, but they must be made a certain way and they usually are a specialty item. By offering something that is a specialty item with free shipping or with free shipping at a discount, or by paying shipping only the company can reach an entirely new demographic of moms. For example, let's say that your company offers cloth diapers with cloth wipes solution. Instead of offering a free sample of the cloth diaper, a free sample of the cloth solution, or a free related sample you could turn around and offer a cloth diaper with a small trial size of the solution for shipping only.

Raise the shipping rate slightly but keep it to where it's still affordable. For example, have the mother entry the code that she will only have to end up paying $10 and still receive a cloth diaper as well as the sample of the cleaning solution.


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