When you are marketing to new moms, you may be able to tap into different lifestyles, new mom markets, and new demographics. The trick is taking those new leads and closing the sale. If you are unsure of how to close the sale or how to gain the most revenue from the sale, here are a few tips to help you along the way. Remember, that marketing to moms and closing the sale with moms can be very different from marketing to business-to-business or marketing to different demographics.

Use a Soft Up Sale

Using soft up sales is one of the best tips in closing the sale. Most companies know what up sales are and how to use them. However, if you are unsure of how to use a soft up sale here is an example. Let's say that the mom is an inbound caller. She called in to order a set of inflatable bumpers for the bathtub for her toddler. She is looking for the safety that these provide so that if her toddler does slip in the bathtub they are not hitting their head on the hard end of the tub. A soft up sale example would be to offer the mother a bathtub water thermometer. This plays to the need for safety for her toddler, the convenience of being able to drop the thermometer into the water and do a digital reading, and offering a toy of sorts for the baby. Most bathtub thermometers are now shaped like bathroom toys and can be used by the baby as a bathroom toy without damaging the digital thermometer itself. This soft up sale can lead to an additional revenue on the sale.

Let the Mom Lead the Sale

Pushy sales tactics do not tend to work on moms. In fact, when a company tends to use a pushy sales tactic they tend to lead the mom to a negative reaction which leads to negative word-of-mouth reactions. Instead, choose to let the mom lead the sale. The mom may actually tell you about several other issues that she's having they could lead to higher sales revenues. Listen to what she has to say, let her talk, and use what she has to say to close the sale and to bring on more income from the sale. Maximizing the sale when it comes to moms, is all about listening to what the mom has to say about the products she is purchasing and what she actually needs.

Listen, Offer, and Solve

The three main things that you need to learn when closing a sale with a mom are to listen, offer, and solve. Listen to what the mom has to say. Often times the mom will tell you exactly what she needs and exactly what product or service she's looking for even if she doesn't know the name of it. Offer the product or service that fits what she just said she needs. When you offer the product or service offer the solution that the product or service will give. By simply listening to what she has to say, offering the right product, and giving the solution the product will give; you will be able to close the sale and maximize the sale.


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