If your company is looking for new ways to bring in healthcare leads, one of the leading ways is through medical blogging. Medical blogging and medical blogs will generate patient leads. Here are a few ways that you can use medical blogging and other medical blogs to find patient leads and to bring those leads in as prequalified leads for your company. You will need to ask certain questions and follow certain guidelines in order to make sure you are receiving the right leads and not wasting your time looking for leads.

What Medical Blogs Are the Best for Patient Leads?

The best medical blog for patient leads are the ones that have high ranks and allow open commentary. Web M.D. is a prime example of a high-ranking medical site that allows open commentary. However, it is not necessarily considered to be a blog. You want to look for personal blogs or blogs that center on specific medical issues. These types of blogs will allow for commentary on the specific medical issues and will allow you to find the comments that will lead to patient leads.

What is a Patient Lead and What Is a Commentator?

Knowing the difference between a patient lead and a simple commentator is one of the key steps in finding patient leads. A patient lead is someone who is asking a specific question and may be giving a personal account of their situation. A commentator is simply someone posting a comment on a blog and acknowledging that the blog did help them. You are looking for a patient that has specific questions, needs specific advice, and has a specific issue. If your company can offer assistance to this patient through either a physician or healthcare provider, then that is the person you are looking for.

How Do We Approach the Patient Lead from a Blog?

If you are a doctor’s office, physician's office, or lead generator for a physician's office then you are looking for very specific patient leads. Once you have found those leads, approaching the lead can be a bit difficult. The best way to approach a patient lead from a blog is to find the personal information contact sheet for that patient. You do not want to approach them directly on someone else's blog. For one, this is considered an intrusion and for two it looks as if you are trying to spam the blog. Instead, click on the commentator’s name.

This should lead you to some form of profile that has a way to contact the person or leave a message for that person. Do not approach them as a medical professional, lead generator or an administrator working for a particular doctor's office. Approach them with an answer or solution to their problem and quietly mention the physician's office. This will bring in the patient lead to the office and will help them realize that the information you are giving them is legitimate and may help the situation. Remember, the patients are looking for solutions and looking for ways to solve their current medical problem.


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