The healthcare market has changed drastically in the last few years. Long-term care insurance has risen in price to the point that many seniors are unable to afford long-term care or are looking for long-term care options. Health insurance has gone up increasingly over the last few years. Women are now seeing a higher rate of healthcare once they reach retirement years while men's health care is staying roughly the same. All of these issues make leads and using leads a bit more difficult. If you are having problems closing leads for healthcare and you are looking for new sales, the best thing to do is to start with reviewing health care leads you currently have. The following are a few methods that you can use and a few questions to ask when reviewing health care leads for new sales potentials.

Why Wasn't the Lead Used?

The first question to ask when reviewing a healthcare lead is why the lead wasn't used to begin with. The lead may have in fact been used, however, it may not have been used in a while or it may have been discarded for whatever reason. Finding out why the healthcare lead was not used may lead you to a new sale. For example, the lead may be from a senior who was looking at long-term care insurance but unable to afford the insurance being offered. If you now have other options due to the increase of long-term health care, then this lead may now be a viable lead to contact. They may still need the long-term health care insurance and you may now have the ability to offer the insurance they need whereas several months ago to a year ago you did not.

What Were the Needs of the Lead?

The healthcare lead could come from anywhere. For example, you may have had a healthcare lead that was generated online by someone looking at the cost of healthcare insurance for their family. You may find that they went through the quote process but did not follow through on the purchasing process. This could be for several reasons. One of the leading reasons is due to the high cost of major medical health care versus the deductible amount and what the family receives for that payment. At the time this may have been all that was available to the lead and that is why they did not follow through. However, with the onset of many insurance companies and health care companies offering new items and new products, there may now be a health insurance program that this particular family could use. By reviewing the lead and reviewing the needs of that lead you will be able to match them properly.

Are There New Products and Services That Will Help the Lead?

Every healthcare lead has a reason that they were generated. It may be for major medical coverage, short-term coverage, home health care, assisted living, retirement, or some other reasoning surrounding healthcare. By reviewing the healthcare lead and asking if there are new products and services that will help the lead, you will be able to utilize that lead for a new sale. In fact, the lead may have come in looking for assisted-living options. They may not have been happy with the assisted living community or with the way the community was handled. You may now have a solution at your assisted-living community that will now fit their need or you may have a home health solution that will fit their need. Looking at these products and services and revisiting the lead will help you make the new sale.


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