Validating education leads has become increasingly important for online universities as well as brick-and-mortar universities. An education lead comes from a variety of sources. The most popular source for education leads currently is to utilize rewards programs or sign up programs that allow a potential lead to give their information in order to be contacted about various education programs. However, some of these reward programs will simply allow a person to sign up and the person may not even be interested in the education itself. There are several techniques that can be used to validate education leads.

Validating the Source

Validating the educational lead source is the first step in validating the education lead itself. You'll need to make sure where the education lead originated in order to determine if it is possibly a prequalified lead or if it is a lead that needs to be worked through. If, for example, the source was from a rewards site such as Swagbucks or another site offering points for various sign ups and registrations then the education lead may not be as qualified as a lead that came from the actual collegiate site. When you have determined the source of the education lead, you will need to then separate the leads by collegiate sources and other sources.

Cold Calling for Validation

Your next step would be cold calling the different education leads in order to determine if cold calling for validation is possible. Some people who use sites such as Swagbucks, may sign up for the educational resources in order to gain points on their account. In this case, they may give a false number, online number, virtual number, or throwaway number. This means that cold calling would let you know immediately if the number is valid and would let you validate the lead directly. If for example, the phone number is not a real number, disconnected number or some other type of phone number you'll be able to save time by going ahead and deleting the lead.

E-Mail Validation of Education Leads

If you are unable to validate a lead through cold calling, you can also use e-mail validation. E-mail validation would simply allow you to send out an e-mail marketing campaign or initial newsletter to be lead. The lead can then contact you if they are interested or may be able to follow a link to a newsletter sign-up or other sign up that would allow you to validate that lead and move forward with the prequalification process.

Prequalifying the Lead

The final step would be prequalifying lead. This qualification may come from validating the source through cold calling or through e-mail contact. If you are able to validate the lead and receive a prequalification contact from that lead, then you will be able to qualify the lead for the educational resource that was initially offered. This may mean asking several questions, offering several options, or simply sending out an information packet to the interested party. Regardless of the method used to obtain the prequalifying lead, once the lead is obtained than the sale can close or more information can be sent out and further discussion with the lead can occur at a later date.


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