Debt consolidation leads and bankruptcy leads are some of the most prevalent leads to find. However, some of these lead lists may not be fresh. This leads the debt consolidation company looking for ways to find fresh debt leads and to build those debt leads into debt consolidation clients. If you are a debt consolidation company and you are looking for fresh debt leads, here are a few places that you can turn to. Some of them are free options while others may require a certain payment amounts depending on the services provided.

Debt Related Forums

Debt related forums are one of the easiest and cheapest methods for a debt consolidation company to find leads. Debt related forums generally have people posting about how they can consolidate their debt, what to do about their debt, how to budget to pay off their debts and other debt related issues. This means that a representative of the debt consolidation company could go on the forums and not only offer advice, but also lead the person back to their consolidation company. This is a free and easy method for debt consolidation companies to build leads. In fact, forum posters can be hired to not only share expertise but to also bring in the leads so that the debt consolidation employees can work on those leads a later time.

Video Blogs

Video blogs are another way that debt consolidation companies can build or generate debt leads. Video blogs are quick, easy, and can be put up for several days in advance. In fact, if you own a debt consolidation company or if you're an affiliate marketer for debt consolidation company, you can use video blogs fairly easily to build not only leads but also income for your business or affiliate company. Video blogs are something that you can spend a few hours a week on and post throughout the week. It takes very little time and it reaches a large number of people. Just make sure, that your video blogs are not long commercials.

You want a video blog to cover certain aspects of debt consolidation and to give solutions to those individuals were looking for debt consolidation services. You do not simply want to do and advertising. Advertisements are generally overlooked and are not something that people go back to time and again. How to videos, consolidation methods, and informational videos are the way to go if you're using a video blog approach.

Debt Consolidation Blogs

Debt consolidation blogs are great way to find fresh debt leads for your company. The consolidation blogs themselves are not what you are focusing on. You would want to focus on the people commenting in the debt consolidation blogs. If you go to recent comments you will find fresh leads from individuals who are looking for methods to reduce their debts. You will also see a lot of people post comments that are related to how they can reduce their own debt, how particular technique works, and so on. You can contact these individuals and build a lead by giving them solid advice and bring them back to your debt consolidation company.

These leads are all fresh leads. You want to focus on people who are responding to your video blogs, people who are responding forum posts, and people who are responding to blog posts. By focusing on these people, you are focusing on fresh leads who need help now. This means that you are avoiding old leave and you are utilizing your time to its best advantage to build new customers.


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