Niche travel refers to travel options that fall into categories such as tropical travel, exotic destinations, cruise travel, resort travel, and the increasingly popular niche of ecological travel. Marketing niche travel destinations, agencies, and businesses is slightly different than marketing a full range travel business. The following marketing techniques have been used by niche travel agencies to increase their lead generation, market their business, and reach new leads for further marketing campaigns.

Locate Niche Industries

The first step to marketing niche travel businesses or destinations is to find the audience. This means locating an audience through various sources. Trade publications are a good place to start, but may limit you on the leads you generate. If you are looking at ways to reach businesses and handle B2B travel, then trade publications are obviously a great place to start. For those looking to reach specific niche customers or clients, print magazines and online forums are a good step. Do not limit yourself when you are locating niche industries and publications. A well placed advertising spot on a blog, guest blog entry with backlinks, and forums will offer an equal marketing field as mainstream print publications.

Develop Personal Relationship Leads

Personal relationship leads are often ignored in the world of marketing. Word of mouth works and so does networking, but as a marketing technique for lead generation the idea of personal relationship leads is overlooked. With niche travel options and marketing, you want to make sure you are developing personal relationships with potential leads. This is due in large part to the personal nature of niche travel and the trust factor. Potential leads and clients want to feel they can trust someone who is selling within their niche. They try to avoid catchphrases and sales pitches and tend to gravitate to the “average guy” and “honest approach.” Marketing approaches that are less of a sales pitch and more of a coffee hour break will help develop this personal leads, increase word of mouth marketing, and offer you the potential to avoid costly marketing budgets over simple free networking.

Hire Backlink Professionals in the Niche

Not every marketing endeavor will be free, but you can increase possible leads through well placed and timed backlinking for a low rate. Consider the market you are reaching and look for people who are knowledgeable within the niche. If you are marketing exotic hunting travel locations, look for hunters into that niche. Their expertise in the niche, history of forum posts, and history of following within the niche can benefit your business greatly. Use these field and niche experts to bring in more leads and market the niche within their own online communities. For as little as a few dollars per hour, you can build a marketing strategy that works with you and your budget.

Marketing travel is fairly easy. Marketing niche travel is a bit trickier. With the combination of the previously mentioned techniques, you can reach a new market and cultivate the kind of leads that will close sales. You can also gain ideas of what the industry is looking for within that niche in order to create new marketing plans and campaigns for future sales endeavors.


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