Home travel businesses have a unique hurdle to conquer when it comes to marketing. Larger travel agencies have the ability to use their brand name and marketing budgets to reach a higher quantity of people. They can utilize their well-known standing to generate leads, market to new leads, and market to a previously existing audience. Home based travel businesses may still be developing their name in town. They may not be as well-known as the name brands. This means they must work harder to market to an existing market and turn those users to their travel business. In this situation, certain marketing techniques are used.

Develop a Blog

It is not a new concept that blogs can market a business. The concept for home travel businesses is in the blog content itself rather than simply having a blog. Too often a local business will try to market only to local residents. With a home travel business, the business owner should be marketing to a national market. Instead of focusing on the “small town” concept or “home based concept” focus on the benefits of what the home travel business has to offer their customers. Keep bringing readers back to the name of the business, the brand of the business, and what the business can do that other larger businesses cannot.

Market Flexibility

Flexible marketing is key in the travel industry. Yes, marketing a bundle package is wonderful for customers. However, marketing a package with options is even better for potential customers. Consider that most larger travel agencies will not be able to make many personalized adjustments to the bundle package. The packages they may offer would be in connection with deals the corporation has made. For home based travel business, there is more flexibility. The packages are produced for the customer and this is something that is marketable to bring in clients that would normally have gone with a larger travel agency. A custom built package for an affordable rate is going to hit on more leads and clients than a package with no flexibility and an affordable rate.

Market Visually

Marketing visually has different concepts for different companies. For some travel businesses this simply means to market pictures of the area. For a home travel business, the ability to market visually can extend to YouTube videos. Offer video images with voice over commentary. Create videos that become commercials for the travel business. Reach out and offer the sharing option of the videos.

Using these three basic marketing techniques will build the leads and marketing radius of home based travel businesses. Marketing to a national audience, using visual broadcasting, and becoming flexible with travel arrangements are concepts that speak to the audience. They are also concepts that are put in place for next to nothing or no money investment at all if the owner has the proper equipment and patience. This reduces the cost of operating the business, reduces the marketing budget, and ensures the home travel business will offer the lowest prices with the largest profit.


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