One of the best ways to get more traffic for your content is to promote it on social networking sites. Although there are many social networking sites that you should get involved in, Twitter is one of the most popular when it comes to sharing content. Of course, there are many people who feel that the actual twitter site and its app don’t always work the best for making sharing convenient. As a result, there are a lot of alternative apps that are used instead. Here are three of the best which many content writers use for sharing their updates and retweeting the work of other content writers within their niche.


Triberr can be a good way to increase the traffic to your content. Tribe members are used to retweet and share your content throughout their twitter network, which increases the reach of your content. If you join a tribe that has only six members and then each member has around 1000 followers on their account, then your potential amount of reach for your content is going to be at around 6000 people. When you have joined Triberr, you can choose to lead your own tribe or to join a tribe. Then the tribe members will promote you on their networks and your posts are fed into Triberr based on your RSS feed. You can enter up to three RSS feeds at a time when you are using the program.


With this program, you earn credits by following other people and then retweeting their content. You can also earn credits by viewing the content of other posts. Other people get credits that you have when they retweet your content, follow you, or visit your content. Although it seems like there’s a lot of effort to use this option, it works out more when you have people equally sharing and retweeting content. In theory, you will never run out of credits and people will never post content that you wouldn’t gain retweet credit for.


This option is an ideal way to increase your traffic by reaching out to people who are not in your own network. It also works on the concept of using credits. You would earn credits for tweeting others content and then following them on Twitter. You can also dispense your credits by offering them to others who retweet your content. You can set the minimum number of twitter followers that these people must have. You can also purchase credits if you want them. There are different ways you can use your credits. In example, if you have 300 credits, you could dispense 180 of them by providing 30 credits to each blogger that would be willing to retweet your posts and set a total limit of around 180 credits.

Ultimately, you will probably have to try out a few different apps before you find one that will provide you with the ideal results. However, the more willing you are to experiment with them, the more likely it is that you will find an option that will meet your needs.


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