If you are a member of LinkedIn, you likely have participated in free webinars offered on sales and sales techniques. Marketing companies offer free webinars on a regular basis and these webinars are viewed in live chat style sessions. This allows everyone present to view the webinar and see who else is attending the meeting. Though some of the attendees will use an alias, others will use their real name or business name as their login. Why? Put simply, it drives leads and networking.

Consider, for a moment, how this would work for you. Let’s say you are in the business of senior living and retirement. You login to LinkedIn or receive an email that invites you to a free webinar on driving leads through YouTube or social media marketing. When you login for the webinar, you are logging in with several dozen to several hundred other viewers. You have the choice to enter in a username and you choose your name or your business name. This is something that is recognizable on LinkedIn and through LinkedIn connections and networks.

During the webinar you will view the people in the room. You will see their names and their business names. This works just as it would if you were in a live seminar at a hotel or conference room. You are able to see your network build right before your eyes. Build a list during the webinar. Start making mental notes and written notes of who you want to contact after the meeting.

Following the meeting separate the list of contacts into different networking groups. Have a group of those connections that would be B2B leads. Another group would be connections that would share leads with you and vice versa. Create as many lists as necessary to separate everyone accordingly. The next step is to contact those lists. You will want to connect with them through LinkedIn first. Have a prepared statement for each list so you can simply copy and paste the introduction to the proper people.

Add these connections to your LinkedIn community or networking. When they are added start networking with them. Share videos, contacts, networks, ideas, and more. Make sure you follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Comment on their posts and encourage them to comment on yours. If you follow all of these steps will increase your lead spread.

Your lead spread is the amount of leads you can reach. It is the potential of how many leads you can generate and how many sales you can have. Each time you expand your lead spread, you are expanding your income potential. You will use that potential to create leads, generate organic leads, and connect with those leads for sales. Keep repeating these steps at every free webinar. Use the webinar for not only your connections, but also for the sales information contained in the webinars. Maximize your time and your efforts to build those connections that will help you most and keep building them in the future.


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