The standard method of practice is to close a sale on a lead through a phone call or face to face. Emails are used in certain circumstances, but not as often as the standard methods. A growing method in closing sales is YouTube. With a solid YouTube presence, a company can close sales with little to no effort. If you are not using YouTube or you have not built a solid presence, there are some tips and tricks you can use to not only generate leads, but close those leads with just a few hours of work a week.

Create Informational Content

The first step to closing leads on YouTube is to create informational content. It doesn’t have to be long. A simple 5 to 10 minute video will work fine. You need to cover the basics of the product or service. Cover what it does and why the viewers need to buy from you. This shouldn’t take long and your words should be precise.

Be Approachable

Become that approachable person the viewer wants to join. Make sure that you are putting yourself, or at the very least a representative, out there. Graphic videos are great. Images are wonderful. They are no replacement for a living breathing human being speaking to viewers. Viewers want to hear and see the person behind the product.

Create Recurring and Regular Content

Make sure that you are creating regular and recurring content. You want to make sure viewers see you and see you often. Make sure you are talking about your service and product. Approach the viewer with what you can do for them. Think of this as a vlog of sorts. You want to cover content that is informational not only about your product or service, but also about the background of what you offer. For example, if your service is an assisted living placement agency you will want to talk about topics in assisted living. Talk about what drives people to assisted living, new developments, insurance, medical breakthroughs, funding, and anything viewers are interested in related to the topic.

Open for Discussion

Open the discussion to the community of viewers. All too often businesses try to control what is said and what is asked regarding the business. Instead open the videos for comments. When comments come through answer them or delegate someone to answer them. Make sure the answers are just that, answers. You want to allow people to ask questions but receive the answers they want to hear. This is a great way to give the answers you want the viewers to receive and to spin the answers into a sale and close.

Overall, the use of YouTube is a great way to drive leads and close sales. You can give the viewer everything the need and want to know to make a choice on buying or waiting. If they decide to wait, they can come back to the videos later. The videos will continue to drive leads and drive sales months after they are created and in many cases years after they are created.


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