If you have a product rather than a service, then you may already know the value of a solid product review. You know that a strong product review will greet potential buyers and those buyers will be influenced, one way or another, by what they read. Do you know what makes a good product review? Do you know how long that review should be or the structure that grabs attention? If you are having problems selling your product and feel it relates to the product reviews, here are some tips to change that.

Pros and Cons

A good product review will reveal the good and the bad of the product. This doesn’t mean the bad of the product has to be awful. It can simply be a minor issue that someone had with the product. The pros and cons should be reasonable. The wording should also be reasonable. For example, you do not want to read how great and wonderful the product was through words like “awesome” and “incredible.” You want to read how it was awesome and incredible. Specifics in pros and cons are the key to a solid product review.

Know Your Audience

If you are marketing to a specific niche group, then speak to that group through the product review. Have your content manager or creator touch on the points the audience needs to know. For example, if you are selling a product to make a new moms life easier, then you want to convey how it does that. Have the pros push how the product gave the mom more freedom, less stress, or how it made a task shorter and easier. Have the con convey how the product could have helped in other ways, but go back to how the help it did provide being the key reason the reviewer would buy it again.


The length of the review should be easily scannable. This means a 500 word review is overkill and you will lose the reader completely. A 250 to 300 word review is a solid option. It offers enough words to get the point across without getting wordy and losing the reader.


You want to make sure that every review has a pros sections, cons section, description of the product, a customer service review if applicable, and a price section. Knowing these details helps the reader determine the answer to several aspects of the buying process. People also want to know product dimensions, material, and where the product was made.

Including all of this information is difficult for business owners to develop using content software. If you are still using content software, despite the pitfalls and danger of losing your client base, then consider hiring a content specialist for the reviews. Make sure they speak and write native English content. It is a huge turn off to readers to find a product review written with poor English and grammar. It’s difficult to read and the potential customer will move on to another review or product.


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