One of the complaints for you, regarding lead generation and closing, is the time it takes to close the sale. This is the complaint for you, because it is the complaint for most businesses trying to build their leads and close more sales. You have a list of leads that are great. You know you can close on them, but for some reason they are taking more man hours than you are willing to spend. You don’t want to let the lead go, but at the same time, you don’t want to spend more time on them and potentially loose another lead. You’ve considered every possible reason the lead is taking so long, but have you considered you are annoying them? You just may be. Here are three ways you may be annoying your leads and causing the sales process to fail.

Ignoring the Leads Requests

One of the biggest requests that is ignored during the lead to close process is timing. It’s also the most annoying to a lead and the easiest to fix. When a lead tells you to call back at another time, not to call back, or they cannot talk at the moment then listen to them. By continually calling back, calling at the wrong time, or trying to keep them on the phone when they have said they cannot talk you are only killing the close not helping it.


Let’s face it. It is fairly easy to find out the truth online. An easy way to annoy a potential client during the lead closing process is to lie to them. If they ask a question, remember they are buying your product or service. They have every right to know what they are signing, getting into, and receiving for their funds. Dishonesty, especially the lies that are easy to dig up proof on, is the easiest way to annoy the lead and kill the sale. It’s also the fast track to bad reviews and a bad reputation in the B2B world.

Pushing the Bigger Sell

If a lead tells you they want a particular option, you can always offer the upsell. In fact, it is just good businesses to offer it at least once. However, if the lead says they are not interested and they want what they asked for, do not push it. There is always time later to move them to a higher level or sell them a bigger package. Consider this, if they choose the lower end product or service and decide at a later time to upgrade, then your company makes a higher revenue in the upgrade. It’s best to get the sell you can grab and upsell it later for the bigger upgraded commission.

The easiest way to lose a sale is to annoy the lead. Let the lead do just that, lead. If you see the sell is going nowhere then take control. If you see that the sell is still going nowhere, move onto a sell that is moving before it leaves. Work with the lead and listen to what they are telling you. Don’t be pushy, tell the truth, and follow their lead. If you do these three simple things you will land the close.


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