Collecting leads using social media is nothing new. Two of the leading social media marketing platforms, Facebook and LinkedIn, help supply over 70% of their users with leads on a daily basis. There are some businesses who feel social media is the cornerstone and backbone of their entire lead generation plan. In answer to this, Twitter development teams deliver lead generation cards. The concept is easy enough, but what do these cards really do and what do they mean for you and your business?

How Do Twitter Lead Generation Cards Work?

The lead cards help you grab leads directly from your tweets. The information is pulled from the accounts and put directly onto the card. There are no forms to fill out by the user, no squeeze pages to create on your end, and the end you have what you need for your lead. This isn’t a catch and grab system though. Users must opt-in though a submit button located on your end through a call to action. This new program is not free. In fact, it comes with the paid Promoted Tweets subscription.

How Do the Cards Change Your Marketing Plan?

This has the potential of changing marketing plans significantly, though some businesses are skeptical. In essence you would be paying a fee to Twitter for promoted tweets. The tweets would reach users and a call to action is presented. The user chooses to ignore or participate and the lead is sent to you. It sounds easy enough, but it is not without its flaws. For example, all of this is left up to chance. You create your account and pay Twitter, but there is no guarantee that it will work. You are not guaranteed an amount of return on your investment and this is where some businesses owners step back.

There are business owners who point out this system is very similar to Facebook ads. A great program on face, but recently a program that has received negative press in the way it is moving forward. For example, businesses are having to pay more for a higher level of visibility with the anticipated same results. In reality, if you choose to go with the Twitter cards then you are taking the same chance as you would with Facebook ads. In relation to your marketing plan, you are taking a leap by adding them into the plan and could be adding man hours or expenses that return little to no results.

Do the Twitter Cards Work Overall?

The simple answer is that is too soon to tell. Only recently launched in May of 2013, the cards are still not available to small and medium businesses. Large companies who are using Twitter may see little to no result since they already have a brand name for themselves.

The bottom line is, if you are a small or medium business you may be best to stick with your free options. There are hundreds of users who are increasing their leads by simply staying active on social media channels and keeping those channels connected to their followers. Only time will tell if this will go the same route as Facebook ads and if the cards will develop into marketing techniques most smaller businesses can use.


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