There has been an increase in popularity of content creation software with businesses located in non-native English speaking countries. This is a popular way for individuals to build content on their site without paying a content writer for their services. In the end content creation software is delivering a fatal blow to site leads. In order to understand how content software could hurt your business and your leads, you will first need to understand the problems with content software.

How Does Content Creation Software Work?

Content creation software is a software program that will create the content for you. Nine times out of ten this content is created from a spinning technique. This means that certain words and phrases are changed in order for the content to appear unique. You can purchase one piece of content for a low amount of money and spin it into several different articles for your site and for submissions to other sites.

What Are the Problems with Content Creation Software?

Does this software sound too good to be true? That's because it is. The main problem with content creation software is that it is software. Though the software may understand what you're telling it to do, it does not understand basic grammar or syntax of speech. This creates content that is difficult to read and that shows a clear lack or grasp of the English language.

Content creation software will only give you what you tell it to. If, for example, you are not a native English speaker and you are the one operating the content creation software, then it will show in the phrasing. If you do not understand the phrasing, and you do not understand the native English syntax, then neither will the software. Yes, you can hire someone to use the software. However, it takes just as long for a unique piece of content as it does to spin one. If you want high quality content that can be used to deliver organic site leads and generate more leads for your business then you will have a problem with the results from software.

What Happens When Content Creation Software Is Used Versus a Unique Writer?

Using content software will lower you’re rank through search engines and drive you’re potential leads to other sites. Consider this, a person navigates to your website. They arrive at your website with the hopes of finding the service or product they need. Instead, they begin to read the content on the site that you created through software. The person reads through one to three sentences and quickly realizes that the writing is unprofessional, hard to read, hard to follow, and shows that the company lacks what they need in order to convey what they offer. The person will immediately go to a different site with much better content that explains what they have to offer. In other words, people are not going to stay on the site that is poorly written and they are not going to give their organic lead information to a site that does not take the time to ensure that their site is readable.


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