When you purchase leads from a company like FII-Inc, there are several available usually broken into two categories. You have the unscreened leads which are unworked leads that come from various resources. These leads are the ones that are derived from sites like Swagbucks where rewards are given for requesting a quote or for trying a trial product. The lead will need to be worked to determine if they are a qualified lead for sales. The other leads are purchased leads. These are worked and ready for sales calls to close the sale. In order to work these leads, you must first look at what type of lead you are dealing with.

Working Unscreened Leads

Working unscreened leads is a time-consuming process. For this reason, many people choose to purchase leads that have been worked. However, if you choose to purchase unscreened leads, then you will need to create several points of contact for those leads. The first point of contact is to contact the lead via e-mail or phone. You will want to use whatever contact they give that is less invasive. E-mail is usually the first option. If you do not hear back from the individual on the first contact, then contact them by the second contact method.

Once you have contacted the lead you will need to determine if the lead actually needs the product or service that you are offering. You can determine this by asking leading questions. Your best option is to feel out the lead through conversation and creating a rapport with the lead. Once you determine if they need your product or service it is time to close the sale. Keep in mind, working an unscreened lead can take a few hours or a few days. In fact, some companies have found that working a screened lead may take as long as several weeks. This is why unscreened leads are considered to be unworthy of the cost because of the man-hours spent to create and close the final sale.

Working Screened Leads

Working a screened lead is much easier and much more effective for many businesses. A screened lead has already been determined to need your product or service. In fact, in many instances not only has the customer already been determined to need your product or service they have also already been determined to want the product or service immediately. This ensures a higher probability of closing of the sale. If you are trying to bring in more sales and are concerned with the number of sales you were getting, then the screened lead is your best approach for that option.

Regardless of if you purchase a screened lead or an unscreened lead, you will need to put time and effort into closing the sale. Neither lead insurers the sale. What ensures the sale is the closing of the sale and the method in which you use to close that sale.


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