Creating and generating leads for your website is vital to the health and welfare of your business. You must have leads in order to rank on Google and other site searches. You also must have leads in order to sell your product. There are several ways that you can do this, with the first being to purchase leads. However, purchased leads are only reasonable when they are combined with organic leads. In order to understand what organic leads mean for your site, you must first understand some basic information regarding the leads themselves.

What Is an Organic Lead?

If you are new to lead generation, purchasing leads, or if you have a new website that needs leads you may not fully understand the differences between generated leads, organic leads, and purchased leads. An organic lead is a lead that is generated directly from your website. This can be from a squeeze page, from a newsletter, or anything else related to and found directly on your site. This is why, many websites prefer to have some form of a lead grabbing item. This item can be a newsletter, a free e-book, free contact information, frequent, or any number of three options that obtain an organic lead.

How Do You Obtain Organic Leads?

You just heard a few ways you can obtain organic leads directly on your website. However, these methods may not work for certain websites depending on what your business is selling or what they are promoting. In order to obtain organic leads you need to first look at inbound marketing. Tactics used in inbound marketing will generate more organic leads more than any other method or source around. In fact, recent studies showed that over 92% of successful lead generation comes from inbound marketing. This inbound marketing is generally conducted through a strong mixture of marketing techniques, advertising and content. This is why content marketing to gain lead generation is so important.

In addition to uniquely developed content, blogging content, social media, and combined inbound marketing techniques you may also choose to use a call of action. Call to action techniques are used on websites to capture certain information for the lead. For example a newsletter is a call to action you're asking the person reading your site to place their information on the site in order to receive your newsletter or a quote. You can do this with any number of techniques. The point being, that you need to focus on a call to action that will ultimately give the reader what they want as well as giving you the organic lead.

What Does This Mean for Your Site?

Organic leads mean organic views. Organic leads mean that you are having actual people come to your website directly. This registers with Google and other search engines. When this registers with the search engines you gain more popularity due to the number of views that you are receiving. This means that you will rank higher on the website searches and when someone searches for the keywords of your website your site will show up. In other words, organic leads go hand-in-hand with the social marketing techniques you are using, inbound marketing techniques you're using, and the efforts that you have put into getting the word-of-mouth out about your site.


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