Some business owners may think that obtaining organic leads outweighs and replaces purchased leads. However, this is a vast misconception and it is hurting businesses left and right. The truth of the matter is, that purchased leads work together with organic leads just as leads work together with social media, inbound marketing techniques, and properly placed content. If you want to build your business, you will need to have both purchased leads and organic leads. To understand how purchased leads work with organic leads you must first understand the process of what each does.

How Do Purchased Leads Work?

Purchased leads, such as the ones from professional lead generation specialists at Fii-Inc, are leads that have already been screened. These leads are from different resources including inbound marketing, outbound marketing, on-site marketing and various other resources. Purchased leads can be very basic in that they have not been screened. You may also purchase leads already screened and are close to being a closing sale for your company. When you purchase a lead you to work the rest of the lead from either a fresh start or prescreened point.

How Do Organic Leads Work?

Organic leads are slightly different than purchased leads. Purchased leads come from lead generation specialists, companies, or sales people. Organic leads come directly from your website. Organic leads re e-mail addresses, names, phone numbers, contact information, and other information that you receive from specially placed call to actions on your site. For example, a newsletter is a call to action that would create an organic lead from your site.

How Do the Two Work Together?

If you're trying to build leads and sales for your website, then you will need the combination of purchased leads and organic leads. Purchased leads may have never seen your website. They may not know about your product or service. They may only know that they need the product or service that you offer. This means these are sales that have nothing to do with your website and can bring in revenue for your company when they are worked properly. When you combine the sales generated from a purchased lead with the sales that are generated from organic leads you are actually maximizing your lead potential and maximizing your marketing.

Do the Leads Need Be Worked Differently?

The common question with individuals who are new to lead generation for their website is do the leads need to be worked differently. The simple answer is yes. Ideally, if you're purchasing leads you are purchasing those leads that have already been worked and are near closing. Your purchasing the leads that have already been screened. Those leads need only a small amount of work such as a phone call and a sales pitch. An organic lead needs more work. You will have to call the organic lead to ensure that they understand a product or service that you offer. You will need to discuss with the organic lead about the types of services you offer. You may also need to work a little harder through newsletters and through other means in order to get the organically to turn into a sale.

By combining purchase leads organic leads you are maximizing your sales potential is, maximizing your marketing potential, and maximizing your marketing efforts.


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