Social media is not a fad. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and even MySpace are valuable in bringing in new leads to your sites. These leads can also be viewed as organic leads since they do come through your Facebook page or another social media site that is directly connected to your main website. If you are only using a portion of the social media options available to you, then you're not using social media to its full potential. There are certain advantages of lead generation for social media and maximizing that lead generation.

Facebook Leads

Of the companies using Facebook for their businesses, 77% have stated that they have reached new customers and gain a multitude of customers through this form of social media. In fact, 26% say that Facebook is the leading source of their leads. If you do not feel Facebook is a good option for your company, consider this. 83% of the businesses currently on Facebook say that the marketing that Facebook brings them is critical or at the very least important. Keep in mind, that Facebook offers the advantage of meeting your clients in a virtual arena with little to no funds from you. Sure, you can buy Facebook ads and spend money on pay per click ads. However, simply connecting with those followers on your Facebook in bringing more organic followers to your Facebook can lead to significant sale increases and significant lead generation increases.

LinkedIn Leads

There is a common misconception that LinkedIn is more of a business-to-business platform. It allows for employers to find cutting-edge employees for their company. It allows for networking to happen between people in certain industries. It also allows for people to come together and discuss marketing tips and advice. However, something that is vastly overlooked is the ability for LinkedIn to bring in sales and business leads.

In a recent market research trends, it was found that LinkedIn can generate up to 277% more leads than Facebook or Twitter combined. Business-to-business marketers using LinkedIn have stated that they are able to acquire new customers to the site. In fact 77% of the businesses have stated this. For a more staggering look at LinkedIn and what it can do for you, consider that 47% of the marketers around the world use LinkedIn. 90% of those use a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook.

What Are the Advantages?

The advantages to using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms is the ability to reach more people for less money. Just a few decades ago it would have cost hundreds of thousands of dollars for a company to market to the vast amount of people they can reach through these free social media methods. Though there are paid for options with the social media concepts and platforms, overall a company can reach new customers simply through connecting with them and using free options. Even in cases where you have to spend money in order to reach these individuals, you are still spending a very small amount as compared to what a full advertising and marketing program may cost you. The advantages are low-cost, mass marketing, and the ability to bring and anywhere from 75% to 100% more customers in a small amount of time. This increases your revenue, increases your exposure, and starts a cycle of bringing in more and more customers to your brand.


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