Organic leads are much different than a purchased lead. An organic lead has come to you. For whatever reason and through whatever method the organically has found your website, product, and service. They want to know why they should buy from you. Think of this as a negotiating table. They have already heard from other companies. They know what the other companies have to offer and why they should purchase from those other companies. Now is your time to shine. Now is your time to close the sale. Before you can close that sale, you need to sell your company and in order to do that you'll need to keep a few points in mind.

Offer More Than Your Website

The last thing a potential customer wants to hear is a regurgitation of what is already listed on your website. If you have the organic lead from your website, it is a good bet that the person has already read your website and seeing what you have to offer. What they want now is to hear why they should get it from you. They do not want to hear everything as listed on your about us page. They also do not want to hear a detailed list of the products and services you have. What they want to know is why you're the person they need to be buying from. Offer more than what your website states. Give them an insight into something uniquely connected to your company.

Sell More Than What You Have

Sell more than what you have does not mean make empty promises. It also does not mean to sell something that you don't offer. What this means is to sell more options than what you have listed. If the potential customer sees an option that you're telling them that they do not see on the website, they may feel that they are getting a special deal. This equates to the potential clients or customers that you're offering them something that no one else is getting. You're giving them a special discount or they are getting a special package that no one else is offering and that you're getting to them that day and that day only.

Answer All Questions Honestly

You're going to be asked several questions about your company, your product, your services, and other questions related to these topics. The worst thing that you can do is to leave these questions unanswered. Also do not give date answers. If the person asks what's included in the package tell them what's included in the package. If the person asks what's not included in the package, tell them what's not included in the package. When you tell them what's not included in the package, bring them back to what is included. Answer all questions as honestly as possible. Honesty does win out. However, do not answer more than what was asked. If they ask you how much something is or what is included, simply answer those questions as honestly as possible.

There are other techniques in selling your company to a potential client or customer. Some of these techniques have been used for years while others are customized to the type of business you have. One of the best ways to sell your company, is to hire a lead generation and closing specialist. Their sole purpose is to sell your company and close the sale for you and to get the commission for them.


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