Customer retention is something you may think of when you are about to have a client walk. The truth is, customer retention is something that should occur well before the last minute. It should not be a last ditch effort to save the client or the sell. If you are concerned about keeping your clients, and unsure how customer retention can help, then here are some methods to consider.

Retention to Create Sales

One of the best retention methods is a retention that creates a sale. This is a technique used when a client is on a particular service, feels that service is not meeting their needs, and a retention specialist steps in to offer something the client may not be aware of. A great example of this is someone using a business web page service. The service may not provide a blog or the blog may not have social media options. The client is ready to walk until a retention specialist introduces a program that is inexpensive and allows for more blogging options. They not only retain the client, they drive the client to pay a little more each month which equals more sales for the company.

Retention to Move Sales

Most Internet business owners have more than one sales option or service. They may have one business that handles B2B sales while another business markets a particular product or service. In these cases, a good retention expert can move a customer from one service to the other. A retention agent will contact the customer and while determining the issue they are having that makes them want to leave, they will also be using information to help them determine if the customer is a good fit for another service the company owns. This will allow the retention agent to work with the client in closing one account while another agent picks them up to move them to a different account owned by the same company. The company has no loss of revenue and retains the client, just in a different aspect.

Retention to Create New Services

Sometimes a client may be leaving and closing their account because you do not offer anything they need. You can use this as a golden opportunity to expand your business, create more revenue, and streamline your business services as a whole. Have a retention expert talk to the client and find out what service they are lacking. Give them a bit of time to come up with an option. Create a service that fits the client's needs and offer it to them within 24 hours. They will have what they need and you will create a new line of income to drive leads with similar issues to and purchase.

Retention experts, like the ones offered here at FII-Inc, can help you with these options. They are trained to help retain customers, increase your revenue, or at the very least keep your revenue at a steady pace. They will work with you and your clients to create the optimal business relationship.


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