You spend time and money building your blog. You have hired content managers and specialists to create blogs for you on a regular basis. You have possibly spent hundreds of dollars on this process alone. In this process you have also built up a steadily growing reader base. The problem is these readers are only reading your blog. They may be gaining information and using that information for themselves, but they are turning into leads. Have you considered changing a few things to use your blog to its fullest marketing potential? Here are a few ways even turn a blog reader into a lead and maximize the time put into your blog.

Mentioning Products

There is a marketing method and revenue method called affiliate marketing. Most entrepreneurs and online business professionals know what affiliate marketing is and have used methods such as content marketing in order to push their affiliate products or services. This technique works well, it is becoming easily recognizable as a sales pitch. In fact, many readers are starting to look over the standard content that leads to an affiliate marketing sale. Instead of selling the product or service, consider mentioning the product instead. For example, create a blog that centers on an issue. Connect that issue to a product or service that you are an affiliate marketer with. Now, connect how the product or service that you are affiliated with can help the person who may be reading your blog and having the same issue. This was admitted as a product or service that can help them, and it goes off as a soft sale.

Cultivate Community

Cultivating communities on your blog is one of the easiest ways to create leads. For one, it uses a word-of-mouth system. Word-of-mouth systems can be invaluable to you as a business owner. They are generally free and they push a product in a way that you could never begin to push it. If a product or service is valuable and works, then that will be conveyed in the word-of-mouth from friend to friend or colleague to colleague. Cultivate community with your readers and speak to them through your blog as you would speak to them face-to-face. This gives them the opportunity to see a friendlier side of the blog and a more personalized side of the blog. As the community is cultivated and they will tell their friends and their friends will tell their friends, and so on. This will lead to more readers and more readers turning to you for advice on the products that you are affiliated with, which will also bring the sale.

The basic concept of any entrepreneur who was using a blog to market affiliate sites, their own products, or their own services is to have the reader engaged in the blog enough that they will take the advice presented, follow the link, sign up for the sale, and the sale will be closed momentarily. You cannot expect this chain of events to occur if all you're doing is putting out a sales pitch. Tone it down slightly, cultivate a community, and try to be your reader’s friend rather than their salesman.


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