There have been several changes to Google over the past few years. The latest algorithm change with Google has been noted and called Panda 2.0. Panda 2.0 has changed the way that certain content is being viewed, registered, and listed within the Google search engine. Since Google is one of the largest search engines available, controls Adsense, and stimulates the Internet economy to a great degree the changes that have been made are important. Panda 2.0 is the reason that many site owners are seeing a decrease in the fair viewership, sales, and leads. This begs the question is your content working for your site?

Reviewing Your Content

Reviewing your content is the first step in finding out if the content is actually working for you. You will need to start by looking at every aspect of your content. This means everything from your welcome pages to your blog needs to be reviewed. You are looking for readability, cohesiveness, and unique writing. If you, at any time, chose to use a non-native English speaker, spinning software, PLR contents, or other means of gaining content for your site and venue definitely need to review that content for issues. Remember, Google is looking for 100% unique content that speaks to the reader. They're looking for quality. If you have PLR content that you threw together into a website, without checking its unique quality, then you could be looking at a problem.

Updating Content

If you review your content and find you are lacking in certain areas, such as a regularly updated blog, then you will need to update your content. You may also want to update your content if you wrote or purchase the content several years ago and things have changed since the content was produced. Even when you purchase Evergreen content, there are changes that can occur that will change that content from Evergreen to Old Hat. When you're updating your content, you need to make sure that not only are you meeting the Google requirements for their algorithms, but you are also meeting unique requirements that are updated and modern.

Content Marketing

When you asked the question if your content is working for you, you're not just asking if the content itself is suitable. You're asking, in essence, if the content is literally working for you. When you put content out there content should be working. It should be bringing in new readers, new leads, affiliate sales, and should be doing the work of 3 to 4 people while you sleep. If you have content and you do not have leads for new readers, then your content is not working for you. If you are into content marketing, then you need to update your content, market that content, and then have the content market for you.

The basic answer to the original question, is your content working for you, is simple. If you are not seeing leads, if you are not seeing the readers, if there are no comments on your blog, if all you're doing is putting content out there and nothing is driving sales from your site then your content is not working. Content specialists, marketing specialists, and managers are the answer.


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