You hear about it all the time. Business owners to, entrepreneurs, and online marketing specialists complain about it as being one of the leading money issues in their business structure. What are we talking about? Chargebacks. Chargebacks come from a variety of sources and reasons. Some of the reasons are valid. The person may have canceled their monthly membership and it could not be canceled in your back office. For this reason, a chargeback occurs for the months that the monthly membership was charged after cancellation. However, there are other reasons that chargebacks occur. One of the main reasons is due to identity theft. This brings up the question for many businesses, should I be using third-party verification?

What Is Third-Party Verification?

Third-party verification is having a business step in, such as FII-Inc, to verify certain information about an individual prior to the charge going through. In essence, the main thing that a third-party verification agent is capturing is a voice acknowledgment. Though this does not cut down on identity theft, it doesn't make false accusations of identity theft that lead to chargebacks easier to prove. Third-party verification can verify everything from the person understanding a contract you have in place to making sure that the person understands how much they are being charged.

What Businesses Need Third-Party Verification?

You may be wondering if your business actually needs a third-party verifier. The truth is, if you are selling anything or if a contract is involved in any way between yourself and your client or customer, then yes you should use a third-party verification agent. A third-party verification agent is unbiased. They are simply there to capture the information necessary from the client or customer to ensure that not only have you conveyed the information necessary for the final sale, the client or customer understands that information and agrees to it. So if your business sells products, monthly memberships, or anything that requires recurring payments then you would probably need third-party verification.

How Much Does Third-Party Verification Cost?

Third-party verification can cost as much as $10 per call. It all depends on the verification agent you are using, the company that supports the purification agent, or the package that you buy. Most businesses you are starting out with this type of service will tend to want to pay on a per call basis, unless they have a high-volume of calls. If you are unsure what type of third-party verification is best for your business, then the professionals at FII-Inc will be able to assist you.

Remember that third-party verification is there to protect you as much as it is there to protect the client or customer. They are making sure that everything you have stated in the sales process has been conveyed properly to the customer client and that the client or customer completely understands what they're getting into. It does not mean that you are trying to hide anything or that the customer maybe trying to scam you to get free product or service. It simply means that you're protecting your business and your particular client in case of confusion, miscommunication, or identity theft.


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