LinkedIn is the primary resource for businesses, entrepreneurs, and business owners around the world. This is the location that is used for networking between businesses, marketing professionals, and those looking for higher levels of employment. You may already know this because you may be working with LinkedIn networks, groups, and the members of your marketing circle through LinkedIn. However, you can also use LinkedIn for leads to build your client base and to produce better results.


You may already be part of the few groups on LinkedIn. However, there are several groups that can help you build your leads and or lead generation team. Instead of looking for the obvious groups such as marketing if you are a marketing professional, look to groups of people who need your service or product. Join these groups and begin discussing the topic itself. Try to avoid anything that sounds too much like a sales pitch. For example, if someone is a senior living professional and it is evident to their posts that they need a social media marketer and content specialist, approach them with this idea. Rather than approaching them with a sales pitch about what you can offer them, talk about how a content specialist or media marketer would help them. The more you talk about the topic in groups, and the more you share your experience, the more legitimate you look to people who need your service.

Job Boards

Job boards may not seem like a place that you can build your leads. However, it is a place with the most lurkers. These lurkers tend to scan the job ads for new jobs or find potential clients and employees. Your best bet is to use the job board to hire on people for small freelance jobs. Remember that individuals on LinkedIn are there as freelancers and contractors. The majority of people on LinkedIn are not looking for an employee or full-time position. Use this to your advantage. When the word-of-mouth begins to spread about the jobs that you have, the reliability of your pay, and the way that you would handle working with contractors you will also see an increase in leads. The same people who talk about how satisfying it was to work with you on a contract are the same people who will let other clients know and those clients will come to you.

This is just two of the main ways you can use LinkedIn for leads. If you're already on LinkedIn then you are already using it for marketing, social media, networking, and finding others within your niche. The groups and job boards are the two leading places that go overlooked when someone is looking to build their leads through the LinkedIn process. Remember, if you truly want to use LinkedIn to its full potential, then you will want to leave no stone unturned. Also remember, to use out-of-the-box methods in order to find groups and lead generating areas that you may not think of. Instead of just looking in your business niche, look at related niches as well and you will be able to build your client base that way in addition to your other methods.


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